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[email protected]_$HOTGUN's Modding Tutorial for everyone

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Finally gave it a go and man this is time consuming and confusing at the same time :D


Btw are pop up lights hard to make?? yeah i know perfect car for first mod with pop ups :fp:


u need a layer car with pop ups , nothing more and model with material for popups ,same like the windows , doors etc .

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thank you very much, I had to come back after i found out of big bnk :D

So I messed up the file and did it again, but that's a good thing because now the lights work.....with a glitch.

The headlights work perfect, but the brake lights activate the headlights......:nuts: how do I fix this?

and thanks I got the badge working now!

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Good news guys

I will soon work on a new fully tutorial from the Exterior to the Interior and ofc the rims

Im gonna be hooking up my mic and try to explain all the steps

the tutorial gonna be almost exactly like i do my mods


Stuff that gonna be in the tutorial


- Getting the Exterior rdy for convert

- Getting the Interior rdy for convert

- Making the bnk Exterior layer

- Making the bnk Interior layer

- Attaching and detaching meshes

- Mapping meshes, Exterior and Interior

- Making Exterior and Interior Mirrors

- Setting up the gauges

- i will also make a starter material pack for all

- and meny meny other stuff


So stay tuned guys ;)

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Thats great news mate :)

You might bring us some new modders :)

With many good mods :)

I will have some time soon so i might try too, only thing that killed my will to mod was interior mapping anyway.

And yes it would be nice to have some sound modders too, but all of them left tdu afaik.

Maybe aks Jorge to make some kind of tutorial or something ? :/

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Meny Classic V8 sounds as tdu got a bunch of Classic V8s and it suxx using only 1 or maby 2 v8 sound for all of them

RS3,4,5,6,7 S5 3.0 TDI

C63,E63 and so on

350Z 370Z

a few good Porsche sounds




and maybe other aftermarket sounds would also be great, but in first place it would be nice to have a few sounds for all the cars that are already been done.

at the end its always up to the modder what he does,

Im fine and thankfull with what i get,

good sound mods are always needed here


that sounds great bro i cant wait to get my sticky hands on them ;P

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