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tduck PC Benchmarking Thead

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new x70 usually matches the previous gen x80 as far as I can tell anyway. The 1070 is similar to the 980 isn't it?

When there's not been such a big change in manufacturing as a node shrink, yes. The 1070 beats the 980 by almost 40% and performs virtually the same as the Titan X.

From searching through other benchmarks it looks like it's a CPU thing, which makes this a pretty stupid graphics benchmarking tool :p

That shouldn't be possible. We have CPUs from the same generation clocked at the same speed. There should be no difference in IPC and certainly not a 10% difference in raw performance from one chip to another. :susp: Maybe it's RAM related if you have slow RAM? But then again, I do too...

You should OC your CPU Andai :nods:

I know, but I'm going to change out the i5 for the i7 I got next week anyway. I'm going to try some careful overclocking of that first. :nods:


[edit:] How about a version 2 of the Benchmark thread using 3DMark Fire Strike instead? Benches your CPU and GPU both individually and combined.

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Does anyone else out there have a much newer i5 CPU with 4cores + 4 threads? Interested to compare benchmark scores in Cinebench



NB - I'm running a 4.1GHz overclock on this system, although Windows doesn't seem to report it. I'm also on Windows 10 (possibly upgraded from 8).




New Ryzen 7 CPU's have been sighted with mutilthreaded scores over 1800 (which is perhaps apt given the product name) - this is of course only good for software that is coded well for multithreaded loads (such as video editing/rendering, and perhaps future video games that join the bandwagon).

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I thought I was the only crazy person here who spent $400 on Windows 7 Ultimate :lol:


Thanks mate


No problem, got me curious never done any benchmark since ive build this PC


I didnt expect that much of a difference to be honest

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