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Hi all. It is my second mod and there can be some issues, so please report me those. I couldn't test it yet because of computer problems. Also i couldn't make the prewiev :/ I would be grateful for testing it for me and write a comment what do you think about it :)


Special thanks (credits) to acevt06 :)

Get it


www.youtube.com/embed/FtDNFupGIXM?wmode=opaque Video by Loekie5500




My C7 replaces 370Z Nismo so if yours Vette replaces other car, just rename the file and put it into Bnk/sound/vehicles




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Man is doesn't matter to wich car is placed this sound - the idea is the preview of the sound....just rename sound to the car wich you replace and that's it


I know that, but experience tells me that if the Corvette has another maximum RPM range, the sound will either not get onto full revs or overtops the full revs making it sound weird.


But I already tested it and it works good, so no problems there.


--- Post Updated ---



Not sure why the video is lagging, sound works good though, and that is what it's all about :P

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