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TDU2 : AutoPack ver. 1.73 "Serenity Pack" (07/09/2016) - 8 new cars !!!

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So I was going to mess around with replacing a traffic car with a new model... have you guys played with this? To me it would seem like using that I'd would trigger the game to also add that vehicle to traffic... interesting concept and might be a cool way to add new cars. This is all theoretical because I haven't tried anything yet. I do see one downfall to this... traffic cars will have invisible people in them and traffic car models will have much higher polys so this may drag on performance of the game... I'm going to test it out and let you know what happens... another issue is taking the car to the other island... game may crash but this bug may be due to model files being located in spacific islands bnk file... I'll do a little playing and see what happens... I believe The game crash issue would be an easy fix but sense it's no longer trying to read the traffic model it may not crash. Either way If I'm correct a crash could be fixed by adding the traffic models from one island to the other (if not named the same of course)


Let me know if this has been tried and, what problems were presented. This would give you guys a lot more car ids to work with but not sure if the physics would be totally editable.

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StarGT is right, cameras are perfect, if u have bad camera thats because you use custom cameras or camerahack.

P.S. : Thanks StarGT for fix C7 stingray in the next patch, i really love this car beautiful model and interior :)


>>>>Or maybe thats because you have female character, thats weird :eek:

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OMG why would you ever host such a large ass file on a file sharing service that throttles your download speeds unless you pay some cash! WTF! After I download pm me for a mediafire link...
Is it very hard for u to waiting 1 minutes and then downlad file ? i spend much more time for modding tdu2 and i think u can waiting 30, 40 ......1 hour for downloading file, its not hard



p.s. No depositfiles = No free mods

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Hi Geniuses, do not waste your time making them understand fools who come to suggest their same nonsense. I have a super slow internet, I download the Black in the morning so he could be as fast as possible, 20 minutes was all it took. And I'm not complaining at all. Because if it were not for all the effort that you modders and company will put these projects TDU2 it would just be an old shade. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU !!!

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I have some quetsions:

-After installing Dream Pack I noticed that all of my Ferraris are now called Porsche )exaple: Porsche 458 Italia)

-And some cars has got only brand with no model name

-Also windows in LaFerrari doesn't work

Anyway good patch :D

Hm man you install something like not a people because this problem was at autopack and i fix this at this part. Change the database.


--- Post Updated ---


if mitkop81 agreed with my projects i made TDU2 with many DLC, .........................free DLC,

What do you have on your mind man???

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