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Editing an existing TDU2 mod?? Making other mods?

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1: Hello all, i'd like to edit the original RS5 model from TDU2 to change the headlight design to the newer ones as the ones in game dont look

so good, like these: [ATTACH]23716[/ATTACH]

How would i go about doing this? I'd like to start modding but I'm such a noob and have no idea what to do :eek: (I HAVE TIME TO DO IT.)

I have unpacked the original files from tdu2 unpacked with BNK manager and have them in the work folder, but i have absolutely no idea where to start...

2: Anyone know where id begin my long and tedious start to modding? thought if id get into the whole thing id start with something simple but now that im saying it ill probably never figure it out and give up - im pretty sure i have the necessary tools (Zmodeler? Anything else?) Oh dear lord help me LOL. Does anyone else just wish they could mod but cant get the hang of it? if someone showed me im pretty sure id get it. I have such a large wishlist of mods for this game and id love to be able to make them before all other modders for this game become extinct and ill never get any help making mods for myself. I know this has been a long message and im pretty sure ive posted something similar before and im sorry but i am DESPERATE to learn how to mod! Ive tried to access those videos StarGT made but they dont really help, I need alot of info regarding what the hell i have to do to get a bloody Jaguar CX75 or Audi RS7 (My two biggest wishes)into the game.

PS: Sorry this kinda turned into a rant about me wanting to make mods for TDU2, and how i will probably never learn, maybe my struggles have entertained you slightly? :cry::cry:

2nd PS: yet again, i'm sorry - I'm english okay - im apologetic - Teaching me how to mod would come with benefits... "HINT HINT" "WINK WINK": Released mods? If it takes off and I got the hang of it id take a few requests... Sorry (Cant help it - Sue me :eek:) if that sounds like bribery, i just wanna mod.

Small edit: i put this in the wrong place didnt I?

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