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About hidden female clothes (not only the cops)

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Hi guys, I already made this thread and posted it in the TDU2 modtools section but I think this section is more appropriate, so I would ask a moderator to delete that thread please (sorry about that)


Anyway, I saw a video on YT showing some hidden clothes and items for female avatars like Tessa's bikini and clothes, upper and lower parts of bathing suits of different colors, the dresses and clothes from the side mission hitchhiker girls, the shirt and mini skirt from the girls of the car wash, the plastic surgery doctor clothes and many other items like the dresses of the dealership receptionists, the hat and clothes of the girl that gives you the offroad license, various unmarked sunglasses of different colors and shoes. They even had the bandages that you get after doing a plastic surgery as a hat. I know the UP 0.4 has a shop with the police clothes and others but does it also unlock all these other items as well as the casino clothes? I read in another site that the UP unlocked all the clothes in the game, that's why I'am asking. The video was from a PS3 version:

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