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Bowler Nemesis redux

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Hey guys. Downloaded kiborg-dva bowler nemesis this morning and it's amazing but its pretty much just a model that replaces the sport HSE. which is alright. but i thought it needed some performance tweaks....the end result was a monster that rips everything in B class a new one. on some sections (power lol) i took a few creative liberties but not too much. on the rest, i tried to keep as much to the actual Nemesis as possible, like with the tires and wheels size and etc. TQ @ RPM figure and such is a little bit siding on the performance side ;) but drive it and you'll see why...


my reaction when driving this: :oook::oook::eek::eek2::ill::happyroll::nods:


so those of you with unpacked game files...want to give this thing a try? id love to see what you guys think of it.


how to unpack game files and install dlc: How to unpack TDU2 How to install TDU2 mods. Ask for help in here! [PC ONLY] | turboduck forum


links to relevant content, nemesis settings, and credits:


Kiborg-DVA Bowler Nemesis


Released Kiborg-DVA : 2012 Bowler Nemesis EXR S | turboduck forum


TDU2 Vehicle Property Editor (instructions in readme of rar)


THREAD:::: ßeta TDU2 vehicle property editor UPDATED | turboduck forum


LINK (INC TDU VP editor AND TDUDEC AND README)::::::::::: tdu editor


reference site for tdudec.exe for credit purposes (author's site) Luigi Auriemma


CTR physics mod too... Released C.T.R. Physics mod 1.05 | turboduck forum



install instructions:


1. install bowler nemesis


2. extract contents in TDU2 VP Editor to desktop


3. extract contents of tdudec folder into an empty folder on the desktop


4. start TDU2 VP editor program and setup paths according to what the program wants.


5. select Land Rover Range Rover Sport HSE. click load


6. input values.


7. click apply


8. done

















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