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Johnny Cirillo

Hello there, Im a new Vlogger and Turbo member!

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Whats up everyone? My name is Johnny Cirillo, I live in Brooklyn NY and am new to this site, forgive me if Im doing this all wrong.

I am a freelance photographer but lately I have started making Vlogs. I make them about small quick adventures I take in NYC. I explore some new and fun things with my cute wife. I enjoy editing and music and try to incorporate these into every Vlog, I put a lot of work into them, Maybe one or two of you wouldn't mind checking it out and giving me some feedback. Gonna poke around the site a little.

my youtube name is John Cirillo Jr

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Hey there Johnny, welcome to the :duck: and that's cool that you like to do some firelancing.... oh wait I read that wrong. :p Photography! That's even better and vlogs too, now we're cooking. We're a pretty crazy place and like it when people share their media and thoughts, oh and secrets too, you got any? Just kidding, but yeah we're fairly laid back and up for a laugh.


I'm sure people will be keen to check on your pics, vids and wife. Just find a topic you like, start talking away and let things flow naturally. :homer:

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