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Audi rs5 v8 sound mod by pdb


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Ok so here we go again... this will (probably) be the final sound for a few days

as its the last solo project ive been working on and i have to return to work (real life) :cry::cry: soon

but i hope ive managed to put a little life back in to the audio files of a few peoples games..


This sound is a V8 Audi RS5 mod i made to work with combats RS5 mod

there are instructions in the readme in regards to the RPM, RED LINE, IGNITION TIME also ive included a tdupk file that you can load over the Maserati grand sport

that edits the parameters and updates the cars name




Download-- TDU AUDI RS5 V8 SOUND BY PDB V2.0


Thanks to all the people that take the time to comment and to all the modders keeping the game alive and inspiring me to make sounds:clap::clap::clap:

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Sounds is nice!!! i love how clean it is! It might be the bnk you are deciding to use; some transitions seem to be a tone high or low. Hard to tell (pertaining to the video you posted. Could be V1?). I would love to help you with that if you like (As soon as im done getting my new pc). Im currently in the process of getting a new Alienware with an Amp to play 4k.

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thanks acev i think its more youtube destroying the quality of the audio in the video the sound is much clearer in game than the preview,

getting transitions between sounds is a real pain thou i guess thats why theres not many sound modders for tdu, the V2 fix is just an adjustment to the on high loop the bug does not really show in the video but i noticed it today while cruising

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