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Thread cleaned AGAIN.


This is the last time that I will be deleting posts and PMing users or putting them in the moderated users group. From now on users will be getting outright bans(temporary or permanent) for bringing arguments from external sites onto turboduck publicly on the forum. If you see another argument starting on here, REPORT it and do not post in the thread yourself otherwise you may also be banned.


The report button can be found at the bottom left of every post.

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good choice of car ,one question ,does the front lights have to be so dark ? on all your cars there is the same problem ...just asking ....by the way is it possible to turn off those led lights ,i really hate them ,again just asking ....

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So happy to see all your new release !!


250 gto, Tesla S,....


Big GREAT work !!! Amazing result! :clap:


By you, it's Christmas today ! ;)


I'm asking if you're really human, or a robot.. :duck:


Please :


1) can you retire rear wing on ZAGATO ?

2) do you plan to release Jaguar XJ220 (Left steering wheel) ?


Thx for all, dear ! ;)

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