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Forza 6 Time Attack League (Week 9)

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[headline]Camel's Victory Lap v2.0[/headline]



What's this about?


Earlier this year, Prophecy came up with a great idea for some community competition. What is it, I hear you ask? I'll let him explain in his own words:

Have you been living under a rock? Time Attack is a real world discipline of motorsport where the winner is not based on physical track position or amount of laps completed, its purely based on lap time. You know the rivals leaderboards? Time Attack. Think qualifying laps, except you can bin the car and still win the race, as long as you qualified first.


All you have to do is set the fastest time. So, each week a car or car restrictions and a track will be chosen by the winner of the previous week. It can be any car, or it can be car restrictions such as: Class, Performance Index, FWD/RWD/AWD, Mid-Engined, Naturally Aspirated, Pre-1970, etc. That is up to you, if you win. :smig: You can choose any track, with any weather. The competition will run from Monday-ish to Saturday (ending at 00:00 UTC/GMT), which should allow plenty of time for the winner to choose the next track.



Think of it as turboduck's own Rivals, but with some proper rivalry in the community.


The Rules:

  • You must use the car (or a car that meets the restrictions) and track chosen by the previous winner.
  • Tuning/Setups are allowed this week.
  • Dirty laps do not count, stay off the lawn kids.
  • Laps do not have to be from a standing start (flying laps count).
  • If you already have a faster lap recorded outside of the competition, this does not count, you must record another and take a picture for proof. Banana for scale.
  • If you win, don't forget to chose a car/track for the next week before Monday!
  • Make sure to do your times in RIVALS (or free play), they will not be recorded in test drive.


[headline]Week 9 (8th - 13th Jan)[/headline]

Car: Any 4WD C460 - Car must be 4WD when bought (no buying FWD/RWD and doing drivetrain swaps)

Track: Road Atlanta Full

[TABLE=width: 500]












Audi RS2 (standard)










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Yea, as long as the car was AWD when bought, you can tune it up to C460 but it must stay AWD.


I just chose the Audi because I didn't have time to upgrade a car and set a lap at the time.

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Shame I couldn't actually put in a decent lap. :( Too busy on the Friday and out on the Saturday.


But well done to Clarence for beating my time and doing it in the stock car too rather than taking the easy route! :hi5:

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