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The Grand Tour - It's showtime for Season 2!

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Yasss it looks like they've listened to the feedback from season 1.


I take it back. Has anyone seen S02E01 yet?


[spoil]Gorgeous cinematography as always. From the get-go, it was scripted and a total cringe-fest. The celebrity section is much better, they actually have the guests on the show. Unfortunately, they picked two guests that have no chemistry and made for a difficult segment. The Hoff would be better on his own, he obviously has nothing in common with the other guest and would rather have the spotlight to himself. This week's film was only okay, the usual gimmicks (road closed, tight lanes in supercars, causing a traffic jam, etc). Ultimately it felt like there was a lot of filler.[/spoil]

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Well, I actually enjoyed... Its just light hearted car themed entertainment. If you expect anything more you'll only ever be disappointed, which imo is your own fault not their (its not marketed as anything else).

Anyway, they set so many high bars in previous shows that its always going to be nigh on impossible to come up with truly new ideas.


FinalGear was issued with a cease and desist a few years ago, so now its just a forum. Might be worth checking EZTV though

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