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HDConv; Hex-Decimal mutual conversion tool

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HDConv; Hex-Decimal mutual conversion tool, ver 1.0 released.


I made Hex-Decimal mutual conversion tool. When analyzing the files of TDU2, this might be useful. Please use if you like this.


Installation / Uninstallation:

Put all the files after extrac a zip file to the suitable folder. If you no longer need, delete the folder in which you installed.



- With the keyboard:

Enter any of the value of the integer or floating-point number or Hex value onto the edit box directory.

The conversion result is displayed by pressing the return key.

- With mouse:

Enter the value by mouse clicking a button. The conversion result will be displayed

by clicking "Convert" button.


Download link : http://www.mediafire.com/download/n51dbtzmqs0z5x1/HDConv_ver1.0.zip


Screen shot:




...Because such a detour, the analysis does not progress.:D

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I think you did that nice, however can you give an example of it's purpose? What exactly can we change with it?


Sorry if it's obvious, I'm terrible with numbers :D


The things you can do with this tool, 1. Convert a number to hexadecimal representation. And, 2. Display the value of the hexadecimal representation as a number of decimal. So, if you have no use that you want to somehow handle the hexadecimal data, this tool does not help.



This tool is, for example, useful in the following scene.


The following picture shows the screen when opening file "carvstconfig.xmb" by a hex-editor. There is data that the "00 60 EA 45" in the image. And, you can see that shows the floating-point number of "7500" by the function of the editor.

Well, what should we rewrite in any data when you want to rewrite the "8000" to this data? In such a case, by this tool, it can be readily seen that there is a need to be rewritten to "0000FA45" from "0060EA45".[ATTACH]26709[/ATTACH]

By the way this value "7500" define the max engine rpm which the pitch of the sound "ST_wrxsti_onhigh.wav" can follow the engine rpm.


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