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Recently really got into GTA Online, thanks to Ozz imtroducing to GTA Cartel crew


Its an awesome game, lots of fun IF you have crew/friends to play with


GTA Online is great fun, it's really good for drunk gaming too lol


My only complaint is it's so over complicated now, I know nothing about the CEO thing, or VIP... or working for people, or motorcycle clubs, or basically anything after heists. Wee bit confusing.

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Except all that requires money (and a fair bit of it) :p It seems the only way to get there is through heists. I tried for ages to get through the setups but either no-one wants to be part of the setups or they end of messing up, every time. Frustrating. :hmmm:


PS If anyone wants to do some heists I'm available... (PC) :lol:

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I've been playing the Ghost Recon Wildlands beta. The game is good, looks gorgeous and the map is really big. The story is good, finally a game goes far from middle east and takes it all the way down to South America, to some fictional places in Bolivia. As you might know your player is the leader of a elite squad, and is asked to go there to reestablish order after a DEA agent investigating a drug cartel, got killed. Because the Cartel has made business with the government they have a whole special ops team called La Unidad, these are tougher than the regular soldiers you might find. Luckily, you have the Rebels on your side, which help.

Gameplay is good, it reminds me of Splinter Cell sometimes, mixed with some Far Cry (I guess that's thanks to the open world). You can drive anything, from dirtbikes to airplanes. You teammates are not dumb, and they know where to stand and how to shoot, they get killed from time to time, but they do their work.

This would be great if there wouldn't be a couple of "experience killers". The game stutters quite frequently, and there are FPS drops from time to time which seem a bit random (For example, not on populated areas), I have seen some cars through the ground and then being thrown to the air... I've seen 2 of these in 2 hours. Loading times are slow, the game can't keep up with a car going at full speed on the dirt or paved roads, you can clearly see the low LOD for a while until it eventually loads. It seems that optimisation was not a strong point, I'm not able to run the game on ultra at 60fps with my current hardware, in which I can run The Division (Same GFX engine, afaik) on ultra absolutely stutter free and at 60fps. To solve this, I lowered a couple of sliders here and there and obtained a much more smooth experience, still stuttering though. I haven't tried the online too much yet. But I could see that it's pretty similar to The Division.

All in all it's a good game, and I hope those performance issues get ironed out soon. I think, in current state, is worth to get it with a discount, after a couple of patches had rolled out.






Gorgeous landscapes



Another settlement



Slow load time



Wrong neighborhood motherf****r



Because pilot

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Played the Ghost Recon: Wildlands Open Beta as well and here is what I think about it:



The game is a mess in my opinion. The AI of the companion squad is just stupid because they reveal my position most of the time when I'm playing stealth. The enemy bodies disappear in no time so the enemy can't detect the base being attacked. The cover system doesn't work most of the time, I don't know why they didn't use the The Division cover system?


The mission structure is dull because most of the missions are just the basic; attack an enemy compound, convoy missions, assassination missions, ect. ect I've done these missions countless times in other games. :yawn:


Also the vehicle handeling is utter crap, the handling of the cars feel like TDU2 and the choppers are almost unplayable.


The game's visuals are ok (at least on the PS4 Pro) but nothing that amazing like we saw at the E3 reveal. The world looks from what I've played from the beta looks a lot like Farcry 3, which isn't a bad thing because I really liked FarCry 3, but I expected a bit more to be honest.



So after all this I don't have high hopes for this being a good game. And the fact that the Beta is released so close to launch doesn't make me think that Ubisoft will fix a lot of stuff at day one. I will wait with buying this game because they need to fix a lot of things first, and knowing Ubi that will take around 6 months or more. But luckily for me Horizon: Zero Dawn comes out next week and I'm really looking forward to that game. :)

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Still pretty much exclusively playing World of Tanks here. Finally made it to my first Tier 10 tank a month or so ago, the Centurion Action X. Also not far off getting the FV215b and IS-7 with the E100 trailing a bit. Keep telling myself I'll quit the game soon because the community is more toxic than CS:GO ever was and the devs keep doing stupid things, but I've put too much time in to it now to quit with just one Tier 10 tank.


Had thoughts about re-installing TDU1 and streaming it on Twitch this week for a laugh. I loved that game and I still wish someone would release something very similar to it again, The Crew and TDU2 just didn't give me the same vibes. I don't normally compliment myself, but I was a pretty good driver on TDU1 (actually did better in Hardcore mode) and think if I could draw a small crowd on Twitch it'd be quite fun.

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I've been playing Saints Row 2 as of late, that game is a masterpiece honestly. Which leaves to wonder what in the hell happened when they made Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row 4, seriously, the ball was dropped into the deepest part of the ocean with no traces left behind with the later installments.


Aside from that, I've also been playing Tenchu Z, another masterpiece of a game which I would love a second one, I don't ever see that happening though, so I will just have to settle for Dishonored as a more up-to-date Tenchu Z style game.

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Been playing a mix of games recently. Rimworld is a great little game, colony survival architect basically. It's rather hard to get a self sustaning colony, usually it all goes to hell after a few ingame weeks.


Have also been gitting back into Final Fantasy 15, I had paused ages ago and forgotten where I was into the story so I decided to start again.


Today will be a bit of iRacing, a massive update is out today with new cars and tracks like Snetterton and the Ferrari 488 GT3.

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iRacing have been rather busy with Dirt Oval Racing stuff for the past year, first was the crazy Sprint Cars you see flipping everywhere in YouTube videos aswell as weird Dirt Late Models which have a rear axle that isn't connected to the chassis basically. They have also just released something called a UMP Modified which is an odd car, part open wheeler, part "stock car". They are all legit great fun to drive though.


They are also working on Rallycross stuff that i'm rather interested in, a VW Beetle GRC car and a Ford Fiesta RX car. I think they'll be adding extra RX style layouts to the existing tracks for them to star. Hope in the future places like Lydden Hill come to the game.

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