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What Have You Played Recently?

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Right now I'm playing Mass Effect Andromeda... It's sad seing an amazing game saga going down. I miss Shepard. I think this game would be ok for someone who hasn't played ME before.
I've only played ME2 but have been wanting to give the first a go. ME3 I will get to at some point but Andromeda looks a bit of a mess. Maybe just maybe they will fix it but what is more likely is EA dropping it for a while like they have done with Dead Space. :(

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Having played the ME trilogy, I wasnt expecting Andromeda to be as good as the previous games, tbh it was quite the challenge after the original storyline. Id say ME2 was the best, ME1 had some clunky game mechanics from what I remember, and the third one I feel was a bit too over dramatic, still a very good game though.


I recently started playing Gran Turismo 4 and I quite like it, the gameplay is better than most new games, which is quite something, its a 13 year old game after all

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