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Mau's Forza Horizon 3 Pic Gallery!

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mod edit:// - moved Forza Horizon 3 posts into their own thread and prefixed it.


We would prefer you keep your threads title specific as this was partly the reason for going from dedicated forums to prefixes. It allows people to find the content they want fairly easily compared to having to delve into threads that may not be labelled appropriately. :)


There is just so much incredible virtual automotive photography goodness around at the moment and I am thoroughly enjoying it, especially when you guys are tweaking your settings and filters to end up with such glorious shots. I am getting some serious TDU flashbacks here! :D

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Thanks Diablo! Yep, I'm getting many tdu memories too, specially with cars such as MC12 and the 288GTO, 2 of my favs in that game.


Ps. I didn't want to create another thread so it doesn't get flodded by many from one person.

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Some japanese update

















Bonus track!






Looks prime for a new livery. The tints of blue around the wheels work really well on it too.


Yeah, I think white colour suits the M2 quite well. I'm not a lover of liveries but, might give it a shot

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