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[RELEASED] Test Drive Unlimited Ultra Community Pack v1.04

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Come on, you really cannot compare GTA (SA) with TDU. These are very different games at any aspect. GTA has a cool story and is just having fun, till today. TDU has just some races ... compared wi

First of all, this thread is not in the request section of this forums here. And there are no more modders doing any car mods for TDU here at Turboduck. So requesting is kinda senseless nowaday

Yes, sadly there is an issue with the car. The problem is the mod itself, the AE86 mod. Sadly, the modder who did it, didn't really optimized it for TDU, which makes it "heavier" for the game, causing

Yeah it seems many many things was changed, normally TDU have 34 cardealers (with repetitives cars) and now there is something like 55 with exclusives cars, there is hundreds new cars but several have disapear (i have the real car list per cardealer for the normal version but not yet the total car list for mili's pack)

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Could you release a pack which doesn't replace original vehicles? I would drive the new ones (like the diablo or the f50) but want to drive the old aston db9 as well :)

I am sorry, but that won't happen. The original DB9 that TDU made was horrible wrong and messed up. In this pack, it's gone for good. :lol:

I did the math, it fits 436 cars in total, 44 will stay out... :(


((Google Translate))

That's quite sad. And i do plan to add a bit more of vehicles to it. So... more cars will be out of the garages.

on the highway (danger on the street corner) also crashes. tested on, exe. fail original.


on the audi rs4 avant B8 is impossible to go the route (8 drivers make a record) and (only the last will win) the game just crashes what is the reason I did not understand, the other car passed iti two tracks.

I don't understand what is your issue. Please try to say it again, using different words.

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Multiple choices. That is the point. It is better to have a car in game and sell one of your 400 other than don't have the car at all.


Plus, the number of cars won't increase that much anymore. If they're 10 more it is already too much.


Edit: Also, you have access. Garage number does not restrict your access to the car. It just limits your garage, and there is nothing i can do about it.

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ok ,but if the dealer are full and tuning are full ,where are we gone buy those extra cars ,thats all i was saying

Dealers are not full yet. They're almost full. Tuning has no "car limit", but it has brand limit. If i add a new car, that is from a new brand, that car won't be tuned. But if the new car is a Ferrari, Porsche, Honda, or any already existing brand, it can be tuned just fine.

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got it too since 2007-2008 @Dextcloud [URL="http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=960858tdubug.jpg"][IMG]http://img15.hostingpics.net/thumbs/mini_960858tdubug.jpg[/IMG][/URL] did you hapenhed last time or it's an old save ? for the rest, with this pac i have never some police ghost collisions, except on the "millionnaire chalenge" where it happened each times

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Does this thing currently work whit community patch 2.00A ?
No, it doesn't.


At the moment, Ultra Community Pack is for people wanting to enjoy all features of patch 1.68b.


Either 2.00A will need its own Car Pack onto it (it has been designed to), either it has to be more modular to prevent from installing conflicting changes onto this car pack.

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You play in automatic, right? Try to not accelerate before the race actually starts. Because keep in mind, TDU was not made to handle dragster, so, when you add too much power, they actually do that; And i don't know how to fix such thing, neither know if it's possible.


In the other hand, if you want a fast car, that can actually be usable, i should recommend you to look for a Supra, or a Dodge Viper GTS '13 or Viper TA.

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At the beginning of the honor you all, because in this forum I'm new.



I have a problem with Test Drive Unlimited Ultra Community Pack v1.04

And maybe some of you will be able to help me (one of the creators in 100%)

For a start I will say that a good job that breathed a new spirit in my opinion best car game of all time.

my computer is x2 4000+ 2GB RAM and a 9600GT with me all fine and works at max settings

The problem I have with my girlfriend computer (yeah she also plays and that's a lot), she played a while with me and she immediately purchased a momo racing force.

She got orginal tdu and the orginal car Pack ( i have two copies) and everything else to play online.

Her Computer as it happens most often in women it's notebook do not remember the exact data but cpu is better than mine

4GB of RAM and windows 7

But as you know in notebook graphics card is not to weel . TDU with recorded all beyond 1.04 work surprisingly well after instal 1.04 is tragedy ... lag worse than gta1 on my first DX4 133MHz. There is no any option to play. so the patch must changes something in the graphic. Sure, you can not install 1.04 but I remember how depressing they were random car before I bought the car pack. I looked through a file at 1.04 and I wonder if I can manage to copy the same car without moving the rest. What do I copy? or simply

G: \ Ultra Community Pack v1_04 \ Atari \ Test Drive Unlimited \ Euro \ BNK \ vehicules,

G: \ Ultra Community Pack v1_04 \ Atari \ Test Drive Unlimited \ Euro \ BNK \ Sound \ vehicules

and my guess is that even a

G : \ Ultra Pack Community v1_04 \ Atari \ Test Drive Unlimited \ Euro \ BNK \ DataBase ??

Is there anything left out ? I would add that any option in fx tweak does not bring any difference. resolution or change details give me max 1fps. Any of you have any idea what i can do? Perhaps one of the creators of 1.04 can tell me something about it? Because unfortunately I can't check this on my computer and i don't have her notebook .

Sorry for my english

Thanks in advance and cheers

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