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tbc: 'the banner contest' #78 - Get on our banner! | WINNER: Andreas¹

'the banner contest' #78 Poll (max 3 choices)  

46 members have voted

  1. 1. 'the banner contest' #78 Poll (max 3 choices)

    • 1) Ozzmcom
    • 2) mau92
    • 3) Eeshan
    • 4) Loekie5500
    • 5) robillard3381
    • 6) hassan1995
    • 7) Loz
    • 8) Ryzza5 *DQ*
    • 9) Paladin Skylark
    • 10) nfsMIB
    • 11) carlos_69
    • 12) The Compensator
    • 13) MichaelB450
    • 14) Andreas¹
    • 15) EJS5000

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[headline]the banner contest #78[/headline]

The Banner Contest!http://turboduck.net/img/tbc/tbc.jpg[/img]


Unlike the last couple of times where the spoils of the banner have been shared, the last one really was no contest as hassan1995 ran away with the win by a BIG margin to clinch the top spot all to himself with his Porsche 918 Spyder at night pic from Forza Motorsport 6.


Theme: JDM in the sunset/sun (not literally!)

Deadline: Sun 23rd Oct, 2016 - Entries | Sun 30th Oct, 2016 - Votes



  • The winning entry or entries will be posted up on our community forum banner and if large enough will also be put on our social channels too. (if multiple winners then images will be split between these as we see fit)


  • Stick to the implied theme (don't look for loopholes) - any being awkward for the sake of it will make you ineligible for entry
  • Images must not exceed 5MB, and dimensions must be at least 1280x720. (please do not crop your pics to the banner dimensions)
  • No post-production or editing of entry images except to crop or resize please, raw from the game is what we want - use the game settings to set up your image correctly
  • The post that contains your entry image must be labelled with 'ENTRY POST' (makes it clear what image you are going with & for us to find :p)
  • If you change your mind on your entry image - DO NOT post updated images in later posts, edit and replace the previous image with the new one (up until thread is locked for Poll creation)
  • Each entrant must also cast a vote - if you fail to vote, your entry will be disqualified from Poll results
  • You cannot vote for yourself - instant disqualification if so
  • Winner chooses the next theme, unless they won prior, in which case the runner up decides - if no pick within 24 hours then theme will be free-for-all
  • Winner has 24 hours to create a new thread or can PM or reply in the current 'tbc' thread to have a staff member do so instead
  • Winner must not try to sneak new rules in the new thread or alter existing rules - be clear on your theme to avoid this
  • Competition is limited to games on all platforms of any age that are classified as driving/racing games. (i.e. FPS games that have cars in them are not eligible) (Please mention what game your screenshot is from if not obvious)
  • Entering the competition with a TDU2 picture may result in suspension/ban of your account. :evil:
  • Each contest is broken into an entries part and then a voting part, after which the winner(s) will be decided from the poll results

Good luck and remember you can use your Gallery space to host your entry.



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[headline]the banner contest #78 - Entries[/headline]

Theme: JDM in the sunset/sun

From the entries below pick up to a maximum of 3 and vote for them in the poll up top. :duck:


1) Ozzmcom




2) mau92




3) Eeshan




4) Loekie5500




5) robillard3381




6) hassan1995




7) Loz



^Click to Enlarge^


8) Ryzza5




9) Paladin Skylark




10) nfsMIB




11) carlos_69




12) The Compensator




13) MichaelB450




14) Andreas¹




15) EJS5000



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Entry Post


You didn't happen to be scrolling through my FH3 gallery? I have a shot made a week ago in which I saw the best sunset ever in the best JDM car ever....



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So you admit you were using subliminal messaging to get hass to choose a theme that would work in your favour? #shenanigans :mhmm:

I guess that blows my cover.... You have seen nothing!

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