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Share your gaming clips! (2 minutes or less)

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"But Santtu, don't we already have a thread for gaming videos?"




"Then what's this all about?"


Well listen up! This thread here is meant for your short gaming clips. Both the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 are capable of saving the last few cool moments that might have happened to you during the gameplay - those are the clips I'm talking about. Unlike in the gaming video thread, the videos you post here should be kept quite short so that it'll take less effort for people to watch them.


"But Santtu, I have this extremely cool 1 hour race recording from my favourite racing sim! What do I do wit-"

You post it in the aforementioned gaming video thread.Even though there's this thread now you can still use the old one! This thread is meant for sharing all your cool clips that you might have recorded on your Xbox that you want to show everyone but nobody bothers watching them on their Xbox. The old thread is for posting this sweet lap you nailed on the Nordschleife or this trailer you made for this sweet upcoming racing sim etc.


"Okay, so how do I share these clips?"


You're in luck! In case you're a bit lost, I've made handy guides for capturing clips and sharing them here! You can find them at the bottom of the opening post in this thread. Obviously if you know how to do them in a different fashion, you're obviously more than welcome to do it your own way.


I don't think I need to be posting any big rules about it, let's keep the max clip length in this thread at 1-2 minutes. Short and sweet. Longer than that and you should turn to the video thread. And please warn others if there's NSFW content in your clips.


tl;dr We want to see your 1-2 min clips where something cool, stupid, funny or :eek: happened.

Let's get this thread going with a clip from a few weeks back when I was playing Forza Horizon 3 with @hassan1995 @mau92 and @Rassva :D


We were playing infected and headed into this tube only to find out that the game area ran out at the other end and the only way out was the same way we came in. Mau was the infected and he was already entering the tube so Hassan panicked, Rass didn't get out either but I didn't give up. :duck:



Got my blood flowing quite well :eek2::eek:hno: Start sharing your clips people! :happyspin:

[spoiler=Guides to recording game clips][spoiler=Xbox One]Recording the clip: Double tap the Xbox button (the big white glowing thing on your controller) and press X. Alternatively you canshout at your Kinect if you happen to own one of them. The voice command is "Xbox, record that".


Adjusting your game clip length: Go to the console's settings by pressing the former start button (can't recall what it's new stupid name is) on the main screen and go to Preferences -> Game DVR & Streaming. From there, you can choose between 15/30/45 seconds or 1/3/5 minutes. This is the length of the saved clip once you tell your console to record what just happened.


Sharing the clip on turboduck: You can upload the clip straight to Youtube using the Youtube app on your Xbox. Just choose Upload from the sidebar menu and you'll get a list of the gaming clips on your console.


My favourite way of doing this, though, is through the Windows 10 Xbox app. Just navigate to the DVR section on the sidebar and choose to show clips on Xbox live. Then you can find your clip and once you click on it, you should have 2 buttons below the video information: Download and share. You can download the video to your PC and then upload it to Youtube the old fashioned way. The downloaded videos will be stored under the Videos folder in your PC, in a subfolder that's probably screen captures or screenshots. I wouldn't know as my PC language is set to finnish.


[spoiler=Playstation 4]Okay, I am prepared to be corrected on this one as I don't own a PS4 myself. All of this information was provided to me by Google and strangers on some gaming discussion forums.


Recording the clip: Press the Share button on your PS4 controller. Sorry - Dualshock 4. You'll open the share menu. Press square to save the clip.


Adjusting your game clip length: Press the Share button on your PS4 controller. Sorry - Dualshock 4. You'll open the share menu. Hit the options button (is this really what they call the select button these days?) and ta-da! You should be able to not only adjust the game clip length but also what the share button does. You can make it do different things when you do a short, a long or a double press.


Sharing the clip on turboduck: You can copy the saved clip from your PS4's HDD to a memory stick and upload it to Youtube on your PC. OR you could choose Upload Clip at the point where you're saving the clip. Though I can imagine that being a bit annoying if you're, for example, in the middle of a war. Or a race. I'm not sure if you can upload the already saved clips on your HDD straight to Youtube on your console. Like I said though - someone who actually owns a PS4 can correct me if there's a better way to do things.


[spoiler=PC using Shadowplay]For those of you that don't know what Shadowplay is, it is a feature on Nvidia graphics cards only. Basically it lets you do what you can do on the consoles, either record a clip for as long as you'd like or record a cool thing that already happened. For AMD users, there's apparently something called ReLive, though the first time I've stumbled upon it was now so I can't tell you much about it.


First you need to make sure that Shadowplay is enabled. You should have a program called Geforce Experience installed and running. Then you press the little triangle button on the top bar, known as the share button most likely. Then it opens the UI for the share feature (I'm not honestly even sure if it's called Shadowplay at all anymore? Let's just call it the share feature from this point onwards). You have to enable the Instant Replay feature. By clicking on it you can also adjust the game clip length and other settings related to it. You also have the microphone and the webcam options on the main screen of the UI. There you also have the small gear icon leading you to options. There you can adjust the save location for the clips and the hotkey that records the clip. I think the default bind might be Alt+F10. Then you go to the folder where the clips are saved and upload that file to Youtube.


[spoiler=PC using Xbox app]Okay, if you have the choice between this and Shadowpl- *cough* The Nvidia share overlay, definitely go for the latter and disable the Xbox DVR as it apparently loves to destroy your performance. If you want to use it though, here's how it works:


I think you have to have the Xbox app installed on your Win10 PC to have this feature in working order. You adjust the settings by going to the settings page in the Xbox app and by choosing Game DVR (or something like that, something something finnish PC). You might have to enable background recording from the options as it might not be enabled to begin with. Then you start the game and press Win+Alt+G to record a clip. The saved clips go to the videos folder in your PC under a subfolder that's apparently called captures. Upload the clip to Youtube and we're good to go.



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Haha that was unreal how you scraped past them all. You missed a golden opportunity to do a road runner *beep beep* at the end though. :p


Interesting that it got your blood flowing :susp: ...perhaps you meant it got your blood pumping?

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Lovely clips, I feel like the Forza crash is something that could happen to me in, well, basically every single race :lol: Also love the close racing Kelv, kept me on the edge of my seat for the whole clip :D Here's me playing GTA with @Paladin Skylark and crashing into a guy so hard that he woke up a block away before he got annihilated by our MG. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktKwkTielYw Don't worry - he deserved it :chuckle: Keep the videos coming :btup

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They have added so much to it, it's actually unbelievable just how much free additional content, gameplay and modes they have given. Obviously they do it with the intent to get the transaction cards sold but it's not forced, and as long as you play the game you don't need to consider them.


It's kind of worrying for the future of the series but then again GTA V has sold over 60 million I believe! :eek:

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Yeah the amount of content is insane these days, it's actually quite tough trying to remember how little there was back on the 360. Making money ingame is really easy these days if you know what you're doing so that's not a problem, I just hope they won't make it harder again to sell more of their shark cards.


Also, rumours are saying that they were developing San Fierro and Las Venturas for the game as well but they were given up on when they realized the old consoles couldn't handle them - apparently now they've picked them up again and plan to release new cities as paid DLC for the game. I feel it's unlikely but hey - I sure wouldn't mind! Especially as we'll have to wait for GTA 6 for quite a few years with RDR2 on its way :hmmm:

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