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F1 2017: News/Calendar/Updates


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[headline]The 2017 FIA Forumula One Championship:[/headline]


As we approach March more and more news about what the 2017 will hold for us is slowly being announced:


The Teams:


McLaren Honda:

- Stoffel Vandoorne has joined the team to replace Jensen Button

- Fernando Alonso has kept his place




Images from Jalopnik - Drive Free or Die


Scuderia Ferrari:

- Kimi Raikkonen has kept his place

- Sebastian Vettel has kept his place




Images from Jalopnik - Drive Free or Die


Red Bull - Tag Heuer:

- Daniel Ricciardo has kept his place

- Max Versatappen has kept his place




Scuderia Toro Rosso:

- Carlos Sainz Jr has kept his place

- Daniil Kyvat has kept his place SOMEHOW?!



Image from forume1.nl


Force India:

- Sergio Perez has kept his place

- Esteban Ocon has moved from Manor F1 to replace Nico Hulkenberg




Images from F1 Fanatic The independent F1 blog and motor sport community


Haas F1:

- Romain Grosjean has kept his place

- Kevin Magnussen has moved from Renault to replace Esteban Gutierrez (Who has moved to Formula E)




Images from wtf1.co.uk


Williams F1:

- Lance Stroll has joined the team to replace Valtteri Bottas

- Felipe Massa has kept his place




Images from F1 Fanatic The independent F1 blog and motor sport community


Sauber F1:

- Marcus Ericsson has kept his place

- Pascal Wehrlein has moved from Manor to replace Felipe Nasr




Images from Sauber F1 Team


Renault F1:

- Nico Hulkenberg has moved from Force India to replace Kevin Magnussen

- Jolyon Palmer has kept his place




Images from F1 Fanatic The independent F1 blog and motor sport community


Mercedes F1:

- Lewis Hamilton has kept his place

- Valtteri Bottas has moved from Williams to replace Nico Rosberg




Images from Autocar | Car News and Car Reviews and Formula 1



The Calendar:

The 2017 FIA Formula One World Championship calendar is:

[TABLE=width: 396]


[TD]26 March[/TD]





[TD]9 April[/TD]





[TD]16 April[/TD]





[TD]30 April[/TD]





[TD]14 May[/TD]





[TD]28 May[/TD]

[TD]Monte Carlo[/TD]




[TD]11 June[/TD]





[TD]25 June[/TD]





[TD]9 July[/TD]





[TD]16 July[/TD]


[TD]United Kingdom[/TD]



[TD]30 July[/TD]





[TD]27 August[/TD]





[TD]3 September[/TD]





[TD]17 September[/TD]





[TD]1 October[/TD]





[TD]8 October[/TD]





[TD]22 October[/TD]





[TD]29 October[/TD]

[TD]Mexico City[/TD]




[TD]12 November[/TD]

[TD]Sao Paolo[/TD]




[TD]26 November[/TD]

[TD]Abu Dhabi[/TD]

[TD]United Arab Emirates[/TD]



Other talking points:



  • The cars will be unveiled towards the end of February, with teams now announcing what date they have chosen. McLaren and Ferrari have both chosen the 24th so the other teams are around that time too.

  • Here is a good clip from Sky F1 on what to expect from the 2017 cars, they go through all the design and regulation changes: F1 in 2017: What can we expect from next year's rule changes? | F1 News

  • Manor F1 are currently in turmoil, they went into administration last week. The good news is that the staff are still being retained, so they obviously have some hope things might get sorted. As of now they have no drivers announced for 2017, and if they want to race this year the clock is ticking.

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Another thread I put some effort into making that no one replied to :cheeese: Yay. Another post of mine that I'm having to reply to myself.


Anyway, news is just breaking that Ecclestone has been forced out as CEO, and has been given some honourary president position but isn't sure what it means.


For the german speakers among us: Bernie Ecclestone: Formel 1-Boss zum Rücktritt gezwungen - AUTO MOTOR UND SPORT


Edit: Confirmation in the English speaking press: Ecclestone confirms Chase Carey has replaced him as CEO of F1


I'm a bit concerned about an American with no big history in the sport being at the head of the ship, but then again F1 has made some shocking decisions over the years while being led by someone who should know better.

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Battle between Bottas and Hamilton will be interesting next season


It will be interesting to see how well Bottas has integrated into the team and whether the team are still trying to have two #1 drivers or whether they do expect Hamilton to be their lead driver. Mercedes F1 tend to talk a lot of BS about this, so the only proof will be once the racing starts. It doesn't help that they spent months faffing about not announcing Rosberg's replacement, despite every man and his dog knowing exactly what was happening.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Updated the first post with all the cars unveiled so far, with the final 3 (Haas, Toro Rosso and Red Bull) being revealed tomorrow.


Some rather amazing looking cars there, should be good fun to watch these race. As the saying goes, if a racing car looks fast it usually is, and these cars really do look fast compared to 2016's.


Here's a good pic to compare the difference between '16 and '17.



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I seem to be speaking to myself but on the odd chance anyone else actually reads this thread:


F1 2017: ¿PodrÃlaa McLaren romper con Honda y usar otro motor? - AS.com


Story in the Spanish press speculating that McLaren could consider dropping Honda ASAP, possibly before the start of the season.


They've had the worst week out of anyone testing their cars by far, Today has been marginally better but they're still around 2-3 seconds off the pace of the front runners. Alonso is not happy.

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