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Hello dear tduckers,


I have had this urge to host a Forza Horizon 3 event ever since the game released. Some of you remember the tduck playtime things we had in FM4, some of you have been involved in our racing league (much love to you guys, the league will surely be coming back in FM7 at latest). The thing is, every time we've hosted something like this with Devin, at least I've had TONS of fun.


So around christmas I was playing with @Rassva, @hassan1995 and @mau92 (like you might have seen in the game clip thread) and we were having a blast playing infected and just messing around in FH3 multiplayer. That made me think; FH3 is one of the most popular games we've seen on this forum since TDU2's launch. We should have plenty of players in here with all the PC folks joining the forza playerbase so what if we all got together to have a blast together? We could play these playground games and cruise/race/whatever we come up with.


I have to make it clear that I haven't even discussed this yet with @Paladin Skylark (who is my #1 forza event hosting buddy) and at the moment I'm just reaching out to you guys to see if there is interest for this sort of thing. Please leave a reply below if you're interested and I really hope to see you guys online :cool:


People interested:


  • superhyper
  • mau92
  • Ryzza5
  • Paladin Skylark
  • Ozzmcom
  • Margebadze
  • Loekie5500
  • TimBud
  • hassan1995
  • RobikV3
  • xboyxboy
  • me™
  • stephenatronach

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[quote name='xboyxboy']I know I'm not the most active here, but I'd be interested to join if I can get on (depends on the times of course).[/QUOTE] You are more than welcome to join us :nods: @TIMELESS - Need to work out a poll or something :hmmm: Don't want to decide on anything before knowing what works for people

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Welcome, be sure to check out the rest of the forums too :p


Now we have 14 people on the list and if I'm not mistaken, one lobby can hold up to 12 people :hmmm:


But sadly I think it's safe to assume that everyone won't be making it at the same time so I'm not going to panic yet. I think you guys can start throwing suitable days/times in this thread so that I'll get an overall image and after that I'll come up with a few choices and make a poll about it :mhmm:

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