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Alex Knyazev: 2015 Ford Mustang GT


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2015 Ford Mustang GT

Vehicle replaced: Ford Mustang GT

Converted by: Alex Knyazev ( https://vk.com/alex_knyz )

Credits: other game



- HQ model

- highpoly interior

- raindrops on windows

- working doors

- working lights

- working windows

- working GPS

- dirt, paintable, stickerable

- own rims

- own tire








My mods : Моды для TDU 2 [ TEST DRIVE UNLIMITED 2 ]


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Wow looks really good. Gonna check it out!




This mod can be used to replace the Mustang GT or the Mustang V6 Premium. If you are going to replace the Mustang V6 Premium with this mod, be sure to rename the rim file to "Mustang_V6_Premium_02" (Or any rim number, besides 01).

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Hi Guys! This an amazing looking mod. But i have a problem and it's that the car often stays where it is and it flutuates in the area without moving, a sometimes when i can drive it the car blocks and won't move anymore, do you have any solution for this? Thank you in advance! :clap:

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Why does everyone seem to use depositfiles.com? this website kind annoys me in the fact that you have to always wait an arbitrary amount of minutes to download another file is there a way around this?


Reconnect the internet in your router to get a new IP. ;)

So you can download the next file ... only waiting further 60 sec.

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