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Different disk versions of TDU - Anyone have the Gold Edition?

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I am turning towards all the people who are well acquainted with TDU and know about it's different versions.

The question itself if rather simple: I am planning to buy a physical copy of TDU, new or used (if in good condition),

but I would definitely like to get the version that has the DLC (megapack) included. (For PC)


From what I've read, there should be a "Gold Edition" DVD release, which has the megapack and Xbox cars included

but Googling around and looking at Amazon/Ebay offers, I seem to be unable to determine which one it is (if it even is there).

I have seen 3-4 different cover arts for the DVD as well as a Steelbook Edition but none have Gold Edition or anything

similar written on them.


So my question is: Does anyone perhaps happen to know how to distinguish the right version or what I should be looking for?

I would be very grateful for any tips since the DLC is now unobtainable digitally and I would really like to have it, it is probably

my favorite car game after all.


Thank you in advance


(EDIT: Just as a sidenote, I did read the forums as well before posting but all I could find were threads about buying the DLC

online. Sadly, all those links are obsolete by now.)

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Hi Mark, welcome to the :duck:.


I do remember there being 'Gold Editions' and these were mainly available in Germany and Russia, so those do exist. Not completely sure about the steelbook, don't remember that to be honest. The PC version does not contain the Lamborghini Diablo GT, and others (I think), but everything else is in the Megapack.


As for the boxart, there are two: I think everywhere but the Americas (and Australia apparently) got the one that featured the Lamborghini Gallardo, Ford GT and the motorcycle with a blue hue for most of the surroundings, whereas the other has a map in the background and a mirror with a Lamborghni and motorcycle racing in it.


Images work better.




Would be good actually to have pictures of the discs now I think about it, as printing official box art isn't hard really, then again neither is doing the same with a disc label. :hmmm:

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The Gold edition came pretty late after the original game and I don't think it was produced in great quantities unfortunately. Although the license/IP has been sold it's held abandonware status for quite some time, mainly thanks to Atari filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy.


fyi Aus also had the US boxart version (with mirror), it included a printed manual but no poster map.


...and this



No idea why it only shows sideways on forums but portrait at original link.

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Thank you for the replies! So what understand from what Diablo said, the special editions should have some kind of a distinguishable marking on the packaging? I also saw both of those pictures when I was looking on Ebay yesterday, in fact if I'm not mistaken, the steelbox edition had the same Gallardo and Ford GT picture on it. Maybe it really only is the steel box that makes that one special. I also saw that factory sealed game on sale, I have to say I was tempted but then again I would like have the DLC as well.


If it has some kind of a special packaging, I can just wait. Something has to turn up some time, am I right? But if it just is a German or Russian version that I need, then I sure found some German versions on sale.

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Doesn't look like one, you can see it's not, straight away.


On some further google-fu I did find this: Test Drive Unlimited on Russian Wikipedia


And that links to this: akella page for Test Drive Unlimited Gold


Anyone able to translate? Google seems to say it came out in Russia in October 2008


Via Google translate:

October 22, 2008 on the shelves of Russian appeared addition to the game - the Test Drive Unlimited the Mega Pack , which adds 45 cars (Holden, Edonis, RUF, Lexus, etc.) And one motorcycle, enhanced realism mode, improved steering support system, as well as support wide resolution. At this time also came the publication of the game Gold , which includes the original game and all amendments
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Okay so as much as I understand Russian, Akella was the distributor of TDU in Russia. The website also seems to confirm it and it even seems legit. Only problem is that when you click "Order Disk", it directs you to a website cdgames.ru, which appears to be out of business as the website is for sale. Well at least now we know that this packaging appears to be the real deal, should it show up somewhere. It did however catch my attention that it said that the game in that case is also in Russian but that should be fixable afterwards, right?

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AFAIK, there's no TDU PC version including the missing DLC cars from Xbox's last pack (Diablo GT, 350Z Roadster...). But Gold did include Megapack and latest official patch (1.66A).


In addition, TDU Gold is known to have some internal changes to support some languages as Polish and Russian... thus making it problematic to use with first generation modding tools and mods (TDUMT...)


Good luck getting your hands on TDU anyway, still a decent game to have fun with friends and dudes around the globe !

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