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    • By Automotive Gaming
      Here we go:
    • By Eudemon
      Noticed this was thrown up on the official Ubisoft forums and decided to take it and plaster it here for all our fine upstanding visitors to see too. Yes I'm so generous that way. :cheeky:

      The Crew: Q&A September 2013

      [qanda]Q: Will there be a custom track editor?
      A: The game will not feature this option at launch, but our dev team would love to see it added in the future.
      Q: Will the open world of The Crew extend to almost all towns and cities in the USA, or only major cities and capitals?
      A: Even though the map doesn’t include every city, we made sure to create a recognizable representation of the United States, with major cities, small towns, and all the different landscapes you can find in between.
      Q: How do you earn different cars?
      A: You can unlock all the cars in the game by earning Crew Credits, which you get by completing missions and challenges. Make sure to win a lot of credits, as we have a lot of cars for you to drive!
      Q: Will we be able to unlock the same car twice and tune each one differently?
      A: Absolutely. If you love a car and want to be able to use it for different types of missions, you can do that.
      Q: Can we street race/drag race people for pink slips or money?
      A: This feature will not be available at the launch, but may be added later.
      Q: Will the wipers, indicator and clutch be functional?
      A: Players will not be able to activate wipers and indicators manually, however if you play with a wheel the clutch will be available.
      Q: Can we turn off the lights manually?
      A: Lights will automatically switch on/off with day/night cycles. However you will be able to manually flash other players and AI among the traffic.
      Q: Can we change individual parts on your car such as bumpers, side skirts, hoods, tail lights, etc…?
      A: Totally! There will be a wide range of options for car customization. Some of the things you’ll be able to tweak include: Unique stickers, colors, liveries, rims, front/rear bumpers, skirts, rear wings, motor hoods, front/rear fenders, front/rear lights, and side mirrors.
      Q: Will we be able to drive the police cars like in Driver San Francisco?
      A: No, you will not be driving any police cars in The Crew. After all, we’re not sure law enforcement would approve of speeding across the country.
      Q: How many car models are going to be available?
      A: We will be revealing more cars and models in the coming weeks, so make sure to regularly check our cars section of the official website:http://www.thecrewgame.com/cars
      Q: Will there be a car speaker system put in vehicles like subwoofers, amplifiers etc...?
      A: You won’t be tweaking the sound system itself, but the game will offer a selection of in-game radio stations depending on where you’re driving, and you will also be able to listen to you own playlists.
      Q: Is there an option to swap a car’s engine?
      A: Yes, you will be able to swap the engine of every car depending on the type of performance you’re looking for.
      Q: Will there be an option for manual transmission?
      A: When playing with a wheel, yes!
      Q: Regarding racing wheels, will it be possible to have 900° rotation?
      A: For the PC version, yes. We should be able to give you more details about the console versions later.
      Q: How realistic are the car sounds?
      A: All the sounds have been captured from real cars.
      Q: How long is the day/night cycle?
      A: Right now the cycle is two hours long, with 1h30 of day light and 30 minutes of night. This was set to allow the players to enjoy different atmospheres and moods and keep the experience of the game at its best.
      Q: As we all know, the game focuses on online play. How will the online features work?
      A: When you’re online, that means your experience and the game are in constant evolution. You’re never alone and players as always passing by you, either free roaming like you, or in the middle of a challenge. When you’re offline, your friends and other players are setting new records to the missions and challenges you just accomplished the day before. It also means that at the end of the initial campaign missions, the game is far from being over and a new experience starts!

      Q: What will be the limit of players online?
      A: There is no limit on the number of players on the map. However, and in order to avoid permanent traffic jams and to improve the experience, every player will only see seven other players around him at any time in addition to the AI cars.
      Q: Will it feature the same server jumps as Test Drive Unlimited?
      A: There will be no jumps, as an unlimited number of players can drive on the map at the same time.
      Q: Are there going to be in other buildings/houses than the garage?
      A: Yes, the game will have several car tuners and warehouses to buy new cars and customize them.
      Q: How many hours, approximately, will be required to complete the missions?
      A: Talking about the initial campaign, about 30 hours if you’re quick and don’t go roaming anywhere.
      Q: Will The Crew be available on Steam?
      A: Yes, it will.
      Q: Can you tell us more about the factions?
      A: We will be sharing with you more information about the factions and the core experience of The Crew in the coming weeks, so keep an eye on our channels on Facebook, Twitter and the website.
      Q: How about the avatar, are we going to be able to customize it?
      A: Right now, that’s not planned, but keep in mind that your main avatar will be your car!
      Q: Regarding PC resolution, are we going to get a 60 FPS for this version of the game?
      A: Yes, there will be a 60FPS resolution for PC.
      Q: Is there going to be a Collector’s edition of The Crew?
      A: A limited edition, with a specific car and customization parts, will be available for The Crew.

      Q: Will there be an Alpha/Beta and how/when can we join?
      A: More information on this will be shared later.
      Q: Is there a demo planned?
      A: Again, we’ll have more to share with you all later.
      Q: Will the game be released at the same time for all platforms?
      A: Yes, the game will debut on all announced platform simultaneously.[/qanda]
      via Ubisoft forums
    • By Eudemon
      New ISR video - 5 July 2014


      - - - - - edited post below - - - - -
      3 new videos from IGN

      Forza Horizon 2: E3 Demo Developer Commentary - Lamborghini Huracan - IGN Plays - IGN Video
      Forza Horizon 2: E3 Demo Developer Commentary - Corvette Stingray - IGN Plays - IGN Video
      Forza Horizon 2: E3 Demo Developer Commentary - Nissan GT-R - IGN Plays - IGN Video
      - - - - - original post below - - - - -
      [headline]Forza Horizon 2 Announced![/headline]

      It’s time to crank up the stereo and hit the open road once again, as Microsoft has announced Forza Horizon 2, the next instalment in their flagship racing series. Forza Horizon 2 is in development for Xbox One and Xbox 360 and due for release this fall.
      The racer follows 2012’s critically acclaimed franchise spinoff Forza Horizon for Xbox 360 and 2013’s frontline Xbox One launch game Forza Motorsport 5. Development is being handled primarily by Horizon 1 studio Playground Games, though the team is collaborating closely with the Motorsport team at Turn 10 Studios; the two teams share a technology pipeline as well as select key personnel.
      “[Turn 10 and Playground] share this belief that we can create a true home for racing fans on Xbox One,” said Horizon 2 creative director Ralph Fulton.
      In making the leap to Xbox One, Forza Horizon 2 will include hundreds of cars, according to Playground Games, headlined by the 2015 Lamborghini Huracán. A long-awaited weather system will also make its Forza debut, while Forza 5’s Drivatar system is also being adapted for Horizon 2.
      As for the game’s setting? Contrary to recent rumors, it won’t take place in the bayous of Louisiana. Instead, the game will take place in gorgeous Southern Europe, leading to, in Fulton’s words, “incredible diversity” and “amazing vistas.” Music will again play a big part in the game, and a music festival will be the central event around which the game’s activities revolve.
      Extensive improvements and features are in store for Horizon 2, which IGN will showcase throughout June as part of our brand-new IGN First initiative. We traveled to Playground Games in the UK and brought back a (metric!) ton of content that we’re excited to share with you all month long, including tomorrow’s full preview of our hands-on time with the game.
      Thanks - IGN First: Forza Horizon 2 Announced - IGN
    • By Eudemon
      We got a sneakily teeny-weeny snippiest teaser from IGN a few days ago but now we have a proper trailer showing us what Forza Horizon 2 is really all about and unsurprisingly it's about cars and driving cars. Shown in the first video of the game is some of the locales that players will get to experience and race around along with a number of big name supercars from the like of Pagani, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and the new C7 Corvette which not too long ago graced itself in Forza 5.
      Big hopes for this one from many people and with a release set for the end of September, chances are we will be hearing a lot more about this game over E3.
      Top Forza Horizon 2 Gameplay B-roll footage in High-Quality
      [subhead]E3 Trailer[/subhead]


      [subhead]Latest Media:[/subhead]
      * Gamersyde footage for the showfloor
    • By CLR-GTR
      Title says it all, the Centenario will follow up the Ford GT as the next cover car in the Forza series. Microsoft announced it through this trailer, without telling if it's a new Forza Motorsport or Forza Horizon title.

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