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tbc: 'the banner contest' #92 - Get on our banner! | VOTING IS NOW OPEN!


'the banner contest' #92 Poll (you can vote for a MAX of 3 entries)  

54 members have voted

  1. 1. 'the banner contest' #92 Poll (you can vote for a MAX of 3 entries)

    • 1) sti228
    • 2) Loek
    • 3) Milli
    • 4) Soundwave
    • 5) Ryzza5 *DQ*
    • 6) mau92
    • 7) nfsMIB
    • 8) Ozzmcom
    • 9) TIMELESS
    • 10) TDUFREAK500
    • 11) carlos_69
    • 12) Darkboy *DQ*
    • 13) Paladin Skylark
    • 14) hassan1995

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Viva la revolución, the banner contest has been hijacked!



As no one was watching I decided to seize the means of photographic production!


eg: your favourite car, some random car, some meh car, classics.

For this round you are allowed to edit your pics!

You are allowed to take pics of your favourite car and even edit them. If you want to go with a hyper realistic look or some wacky amazing stuff or a car ad, it's your choice, just be creative and have fun!


Deadline: 05/06/2017

Prize: Your photo will be the banner duh


Entries MUST: be at LEAST 1280px in width & 720px in height, must be from a car game, no voting for yourself. CAN have any editing done to them, and NEEDS to have some form of 'entry post' text in the post with your entry image. If you enter then you HAVE TO vote!

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[headline]the banner contest #92 - Entries[/headline]

Theme: Free round (editing allowed - depicted by /e)

From the entries below pick up to a maximum of 3 and vote for them in the poll up top. :duck:


1) sti228 /e




2) Loek /e




3) Miili /e




4) Soundwave /e




5) Ryzza5




6) mau92 /e




7) nfsMIB




8) Ozzmcom








10) TDUFREAK500 /e




11) carlos_69




12) Darkboy




13) Paladin Skylark /e




14) hassan1995 /e



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No one bothered to make a thread about the banner contest, I added the editing part so more users would take part. Since you're a mod you should try to be helpful, not post edgy rants. Irrelevant posting like the one you're currently making aren't helping anyone.

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I'm not a mod... I just donated some money a while ago.

Mods aren't active 24/7 so it can sometime's take a little time for theses threads to get posted/updated. I know they appreciate the patience.


(Just because my opinion is different to yours, doesn't mean I was ranting... thats a tired argument)

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Hello, mod here




As long as you and carlos have agreed on the theme I see no issue. It's only a forum contest for a bit of fun, those without the ability to edit aren't excluded, sounds fine to me. And to be honest anyone with a PC, laptop or even a phone could do some basic editing (for the likes of a car advert for example) if they wanted.


Thanks for the posting the thread, there aren't too many staff and we've all got our own lives too so it helps.

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Take Forza for example... It has a photomode with many functionalities that photoshop has (Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness), are ppl that don't own the game in disadvantage? Well, it's a tool you have, and I don't see anyone complaining about that... You don't have to add special effects or remove objects in order to have an edited pic... By moving some sliders left/right you can get nice results, and you don't have to be a master to do that.

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Restrictive, in that it penalises those of us who don't have photoshop (other editing suites are available).

Its irrelevant that non edited shots are allowed as we all know they don't stand a chance now


Tim don't count yourself out, take this as a chance to outshine the edited shots with a regular one, just like we people do when for exemple beating other people in racing games with crappy cars against top end machines within that class or category. In short do take your best shot just don't give out without knowing the results.

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I apologise for not getting the contest up when I said I would. The weather has been terrific up here recently (ended Saturday :() and I was taking full advantage of it but ignoring other things. Also had some relatives up the last two days so was catching up with them too.


We will give this a go and see what happens. Please don't let the 'allowed to edit' stop you from submitting standard entries though, as the games today allow for some truly spectacular shots to be taken in them. And of course I get the advantage that those who have skills with image editing may gather, but I have seen many quality pics from members that are truly exemplary because of their clever composition and excellent setting. If anything I see this as making those of you who want to stick to the normal rules strive to take a better pic, which in effect will probably make you a better virtual photographer because of it. :photo:


Can I please ask that those who have edited their pic make a mention that it has been done so. Even just adding (/e) next to your entry post text would suffice. Thanks!

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