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Test Drive Unlimited 2 Strange Glitch


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Hello there,


Recently I bought on Steam Test Drive Unlimited 2, since I like free roaming racing games. Knowing that the PC port have serious issues, I downloaded the TDU2 Unpacker v0.4, Unofficial Patch v0.4 and the Serenity Car Pack V1.73, and installed them in this order. So far the game was running with no issues, until I entered some of the car dealers and I encountered this issue that is kinda annoying:


Some cars of some dealerships have glitched rims, like those in the following Screenshots










I have no idea why this glitch occurs, and I searched everywhere, but with no sucess. I even searched videos of people using the Serenity car Pack 1.73, and those same cars the rims were normal, anyone have an idea on how I can solve this? Not that I want those cars(maybe the 300C and the Camaro), but part of me don't like to see a car beauty ruined like that :sad:


Thank You

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Are you using the TDU2 Universal Launcher? Do you also have the "pink skidmarks" bug? And btw are you using a mod manager (like JSGME) for easy installing/uninstalling of mods?


Answering the question in order:


1: Yes, i'm using the Universal Launcher, since a lot of PC TDU2 recommend using it;


2: Strangely, no, I thought this bug would happen after installing the patches, but it never happened, mmm...


3: Hmm, never thought this game had one, i'll take a look, see if solves the issue.


EDIT: Found the problem, I was missing a lot of files, like the wheel files, but also some cars, the ones I was missing was the BAC Mono and Nissan GTR R-34, i'm downloading to see if fixes all the issues.


EDIT2: Reinstalled Unofficial patch from this site and it fixed everything, I guess the .exe file I had was glitched or something, thanks for your help! :)

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Hi there im having the exact same issue with you. I have re installed the unofficial parch again and the serenity pack but still the wheels are still in blue. Do i need to install the 0.1 patch for retail as well? Cause i have unpacked and directly install the v 0.4 to the unpacked directory. Im using the steam version btw. Any solutions?

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