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What's that word again?? Uh I just had it! It's on the tip of my tongue!!

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Damn these are annoying. Those moments where you are thinking about something and are about to say or write it and *poof* it's gone! :( Or when you get the orders off people like what cuppa they want or the round of drinks to go buy, and *yoink*, you're questioning yourself about whether what you are about to make or order is right??? :hmmm:


And it's not only about the old suffering this, as it happens to everyone (but yeah more often to old people) and damn are these brain farts super frustrating!!! :derp:


But to show you're not alone I propose that if this happens to you that you post about it. Let's see just what gets forgotten about the most and to what similarities can be found if any, to the circumstances that bring them on.


Is it as simple as changing rooms for example? And is the best way to have it come back: to forget and think about/go do something different and leaving the back of your mind to work it out for you?


I'm a yes to both of these personally, although the latter doesn't always result in success. :headbang:


To start this off I forgot the term 'time stamp'. :eek:


Yes that simple little word to describe a marker of time in a video. I looked for 'time point', 'point in time', 'section of a video' and 'time marker' before a related link on a website showed me the word I was looking for.

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I don't remember the last thing I didn't remember


Have to agree with Ry here, not sure I remember any of the things I don't remember :confused: Although I completely get what you're referring to, I always seem to forget quite simple terms.

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