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Loek's FH2 Pictures

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Before you read any further: yes, that wasn't a typo and no, I'm not completely insane. Just slightly.


I've always liked the look of FH2 and its European setting. Sadly, I'm relatively young and when FH2 came out I had a PS3 and no money to buy an Xbox.

Now though, I'm slightly older, have an Xbox One, and I got a place where I could get some cheap game codes. So to complete my collection, and finally see what FH2 is about, I got the game!


Got some early captures. I'll be sure to keep this page updated the coming days. If this means less activity in my FH3 page, apologies.

Obvious disclaimers: graphics wise the game is a bit older than FH3 so don't expect miracles on that front.



A BMW Z4. This is the starter car, obviously. The other two choices (Supra '97 or Camaro '69) are ones I've used often in FH3, this not so much.



Naturally, convertibles attract rain.



It's pretty tailhappy though!



No really, it slides.






Needed a new phone background. This will do for now. Location is nice, I just want a different car on it.



So they gave me a 360 Challenge Stradale to race some planes. Alright!



Les planes



It took me 6 tries to get this shot exactly right timed. So if you don't like it anyway, bad luck.



Hmmmeh the lighting and color were not fully great. Looks like GTA to be honest.



Some less plane-y action.



Confession time: I never really liked the 360 in any shape. Nor did I like the F430. I loved the 458 though. Guess that's because I didn't grow up with any but the 458.



Sunset time.


They actually gave me the 360 to keep. Thanks!



This game has the standard Mustang so yay!



Although to be honest, Nice looks different in real life, they still depicted it....... nicely.

(needed to get that one out of the way to prevent me making it later)

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Lots of vibrant colours on show in these ones. I'm like you with the 360, not a huge fan of it but I do ADORE the 360 Challenge Stradale. Enough styling changes to make it look sportier and that exhaust note. It would be in my 10-car dream garage for sure! :cool:

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Thanks @Diablo! I do think it's nice but I wouldn't have it, probably. Not my type of car.


I made, give or take, 90 shots the past couple of days, and I forgot to share them, so now I have a giga load of shots to share. To give myself some space, I'm gonna post them in 3 parts: Part One, Part Two, and Part RS-Six.

Yeah you read that right :)





The same way I got a 360 last time, I got a Fulvia to race against a train. A very cool looking train, I might add.






I looked at the DLC cars and found I got a few for free. Thanks!



A nice little special MX-5, for example. It drives nice!



Although it could be because I'm European, I love this map.




Some night captures of the 650S.










A load of fun: the GRC Beetle.














I also got this Audi Sport Quattro for free. Which drives nice, too!










Random P1 shot coming through...




And to end the same as the begin, with a Lancia vs thing challenge:





Insert a German song about ninety-nine air balloons here.

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A car not only good for French vibes, also for Gran Turismo 4 vibes. Le Clio avec V6 moteur.

(sorry France)



Although this gen of Clio has never appealed that much to me, this is nice.






Another car I've always liked which is in FH2: The VW Corrado.



Disclaimers: it has a bodykit. The front bumper is a lighter tint than the rest of the car. And now you cannot unsee this through the following images.












Infact, I bought some more Volkswagens for the absence of it in FH3.



Well, I didn't buy this one, I found it.



One of not so many cars that can have this orange tint, if you ask me.


Two cars of which it's a shame FH3 doesn't have them:



BMW 850 CSi...






...and SLR McLaren



















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The for me most disturbing absent of FH3 has to be the RS6 Avant. It's my dream car. Yes, it is, yes.


And I sort of went into full fanboy mode and made a whopping 42 shots of it. I'm gonna go through all of them.


Day one


The RS6 journey started in Nice. Where I bought it.



The rain immeadiatly asked the Quattro to do its job.



Hmm. Too dark.



A bit grey because of the rain :/



Found some kind of harbor/refinery thing.







The bright and nice Mediterranian.



A ruin or something. I see a rally course though.







Night in Sisteron.



A highway cruise to prove the car's GT capabilities.



Ah, speaking of GT.



Sunrise lights up France again.



GT again.







Then I found an old town.





Proving it can be a rallycar, too.



And without the traction control it runs four rings around the GT-R. (it doesn't but that sounds nice)



Something about containers... anyway.


Day two







Day three


More rain...



Night again.



And light as we come to a small harbor town I forgot the name of...



Les mountains



Phone background format







One of these should make a nice background.






A picture that features everything one can like.



A suspiciously wet Nice.





Quattro brothers.



I found a castle with a basement-ish thing you could drive around in.



More rain...



Ooh, the mountains and the skies...


That concludes the gigantic dump, I will update again, soon.

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That first collection with all the rallying is fun to go through with plenty of great moments caught. The hippy bus VW was unexpected but damn if it doesn't look cool! And as for the RS6, I never realised that was missing from FH3 but I liked the way you made the set feel like a magazine feature with break ups between the on the road and scenic shots. My favourite being the hard-charging off-road image as it looks like the car is both in and out of its element in that one. :nuts:

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I decided to wrap the RS6 in a 2017 DTM livery style to make it more unique.








Although black suits the livery more, the lighter wheels look nicer to me. I need to experiment in that.

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A suspiciously un-RS6 featured update today.



A Ford truck versus a crop duster. Let's see how this will be interesting.



Surprisingly exciting



I think the pilot wanted revenge....











Rimshot (wait, that was not meant to be... ah nvm)



I really like the Golf, just 5 more days until I can drive this car in a new game ;)



Enjoying the Golf in Nice.







A slightly older Golf, I mean Rabbit.





A few Golf vs Rabbit shots.





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