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Community development: Project DRIVE (working title)


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On 6/20/2022 at 3:29 AM, Ryzza5 said:

I'm a bit confused at what I'm seeing in the first image through the windscreen, it's like the car door is missing...

I had no interior in this build so the whole interior is missing 😄 

Got screens of the new build, I really like how it looks like, customisation also works, but only through debug tools yet. Still got to make the UI work properly.






Bonus: enjoy those whacky suspension tune debug images lmao


Honda bois appreciate


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Posted (edited)

Quite busy with work, business, other projets and misc real life stuff. Barely have time to do anything. I worked on some custom parts which are not worth showing and this wet paint shader.


The parts are not fully mapped so its missing on some areas, but it turns out cool. It's also animated.




License plates are being generated now. They either follow a random combination in preset pattern:


Or can be customized fully in text (excluding prophanity) and length:


Here's the plate format concept I did for it:


The environment is being reworked by an environment artist friend and will be something like that:


Some docks in my hometown of Berlin, Germany, in moody, foggy weather with a bit of drizzle.

Currently working on the customization UX of the license plates. After that, the wheel editor will follow. Very UI-sided project.

Slowly but surely making progress.

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I wanted to create a video demo of the current build but OBS does not like recording more than 2 frames per minute apparently. So only screenshots again.


I worked a bit further on the color grading and the rain shader. I think it came out nice. Still improvements to be done though. Steam integration is also there, but I will make it optional at some point. No real news about gameplay and UI since I had a nasty bug which had to be fixed before continuing, but I fixed it today so it can progress from here. Don't expect any news soon though. Still a lot to do irl. Ah, and custom parts are still not UV mapped for the use with the raindrops so it looks odd here and there. It will look better next time.


Enjoy the pics. Maybe you can see already which mood I am aiming for the game.












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The body (Paint) shader now supports VCAO (Vertex Color Ambient Occlusion) which improves performance a bit in the long run. Hell to set up. You won't notice it unless I actively toggle it on or off, but trust me it looks better.

Also, wheels can be painted now.




Minor progress is still progress.

Current gameplan is to make everything work via debug tools before going to actually put it into UX. Actually self explanatory, but I am the kind of person which likes to rush things. Typically not an issue if I keep control of everything, but here things can come in between so going the safe route here.

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