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Lotus Evora Sound Mod

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Lotus Evora Sound Mod (Version 1.1)

Credits: Assetto Corsa |


Welcome to my first ever sound mod that uses Assetto Corsa sounds for most of the engine sounds, using sounds from the Lotus Evora S. This mod is made to the best of my abilities and I have tried to perfect it further with no avail. Hope you guys enjoy this sound mod and I will have more sound mods coming in the future.


Be sure to make a backup of the original sound file, in case you ever want to revert back to the original TDU2 file.


Video Preview:

Download link:



Changes History:

Version 1.0 - Release

Version 1.1 - Whining sound at higher RPMs fixed.


If you like my sound mods and would like to show some support, you can donate me some money. Donations are not necessary, but are greatly appreciated! Donation link

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Quick update, apparently I had a few sound files that were redundant and I have deleted them. I also realized that I removed/altered a few sound files that were in the original file and I have put them back to normal.


The result of this update is a smaller file size and no difference in sound quality from the original mod. It might be a little bit better quality, but I personally can't tell a difference between the current and first version... The new file version uses the same download link as the first version, so that download link still works.

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