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Extremely-rare McLaren cars go on a road trip (captured by our good friend Penfold) [Top Gear]

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[I]I am in awe to see what @Penfold is up to these days and who he is working for but my gosh has he earned it. And it was obvious that his talent was going to take him places. Even if that ticket was bought by himself. :p[/I] This piece by Top Gear is all about how a squadron of super-rare McLaren cars were taken on tour by their private owners. Plenty of shots of the F1 in various guises available to view along with a few of the modern-day P1 too. The images are what make the whole thing, so many excellent shots. [quote]In total, there were 69 ‘standard’ road cars (five of which were prototypes), 28 race cars (some of which have since been made road legal), [B]three F1 GTs (the stunning road-legal ‘Longtail’), and five F1 LMs[/B] (those Papaya Orange road-racers built in honour of the five F1 GTRs that finished the 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans). A selection of which recently got together for a private owners’ tour. There was one modern McLaren that joined the party, mind. One that’s already set to be a future classic: the junior offspring of the F1 LM, the mighty P1 LM.[/quote] I just wish there was some video too! [URL="https://www.topgear.com/car-news/these-super-rare-mclarens-have-gone-road-trip"]These super-rare McLarens have gone on a road trip | Top Gear[/URL]

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