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Realistic Sky Clouds Pack V2

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Realistic Sky Clouds Pack V.2






Test Drive Unlimited 2\Euro\Bnk\islands\hawai, ibiza or casino\fx



Mod Info:

-10 Cloud variants

-Changes will be made when changing islands or restarting the game

-Clouds for sunset - Recommended for sunset

-Storm Clouds - Good for when there are lightning and storms

-No Clouds - No clouds in the sky



-Some clouds do not look good when it is very cloudy or when there is rain, with sunny day they look perfect. I recommend them a lot because the atmosphere of the game changes a lot



-Resolution 2048x2048



-IMPORTANT - Back up the original clouds.bnk archive because I do not know if it works on low-end computers




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I am confused with the explanation of cloud types.
I understand that each type of cloud (sunset, storm, or cloudless) only works for that type of condition.
My questions are:

- when the in-game weather changes, will the sunset clouds look bad if there is a storm?
- If I install storm clouds, when the weather is sunny or sunset, will they also look bad?
- If I install the one with no clouds, then when it rains, will there be no clouds?

My questions arise, since if so, then it would have to be constantly changing the clouds according to the change of the weather which would be a tedious problem.

I already downloaded your MOD. But before installing I would like your answer to avoid destroying the game environment.

Thanks again, and I await your comments.

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15 hours ago, Asgaldh1978 said:

Estoy confundido con la explicación de los tipos de nubes.
Entiendo que cada tipo de nube (puesta de sol, tormenta o sin nubes) solo funciona para ese tipo de condición.
Mis preguntas son:

- Cuando cambie el clima en el juego, ¿se verán mal las nubes al atardecer si hay una tormenta?
- Si instalo nubes de tormenta, cuando el clima es soleado o al atardecer, ¿también se verán mal?
- Si instalo el que no tiene nubes, cuando llueva, ¿no habrá nubes?

Surgen mis preguntas, ya que, de ser así, tendría que estar cambiando constantemente las nubes de acuerdo con el cambio del clima, lo que sería un problema tedioso.

Ya descargué tu MOD. Pero antes de instalar, me gustaría su respuesta para evitar destruir el entorno del juego.

Gracias de nuevo, y espero sus comentarios.

I use them with freeze time and weather, back up your original file and test them, you see if you like them or not

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3 hours ago, Ramon1991cobra said:

I use them with freeze time and weather, back up your original file and test them, you see if you like them or not

I'm already testing them, I loved them, I think I'm going to try one by one to see which one I choose.
Thank you very much for your excellent contributions. I am enjoying the game to the fullest, I will continue waiting for the following Modifications.

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