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Formula E vs Cheetah

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Awesome wee video to kick off the new week from Formula E here. Now racing X against Y isn't exactly new but it is always good to see X vs animal Y and so here we have the latest Formula E car racing the ultimate speed machine in the animal kingdom, the cheetah!




It's also a very clever way of getting people to take note that the cheetah is an endangered animal. :(

But, of course, there's a more important reason why we chose to do this. Aside from being the fastest land animal, the cheetah is one of the most endangered creatures on the planet. With just 7000 remaining in the wild, the species is wide-ranging and sparsely distributed, needing large landscapes to survive...


So, who do you think will win, and by how much? :p


I kind of hope they go back to this over the years as this would be an awesome way to show the progress and ever evolving state of the technology.


More information and images on the official site.

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