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6 hours ago, disasterfluffle said:

Heya! So I want to play TDU Platinum, but sites like MyAbandonware have two different versions of TDU to install. As far as I know, Megapack is required, but I don't know if I want the game with 2.00a, or 1.66a. Any help would be appreciated!

You should download TDU from Abandonware games and you don't need to install megapack because already have it on this file

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19 hours ago, Rocio_Kanmi said:

I can't connect to online, i created the account with gamespy

Make sure that you have created it correctly: "Confirm that the nickname is valid. Tick the tickbox of GameSpy. Do NOT touch/modify your email and password. And execute."
Check your firewall rules, maybe remove Test Drive... entry so it prompt again, or add it manually again among allowed firewall apps (i am unsure if TDU Project Paradise (PP) is the binary that needs to be allowed), try temporarily disabling firewall or try using a VPN to connect, example service: https://protonvpn.com has free plan you can use to just create online profile and then connect normally?

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2 hours ago, ZachSkinner1111 said:

for some reason when going into certain dealerships the game hard locks my pc, & crashes when scrolling past certain rims on cars, other than that no issues, any ideas what's wrong?

Make sure you have project paradise working, (must say 0.03) in the main screen, and make sure to have bigbnk active in the Project Paradise launcher.

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