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Time to re-discover the island of Oahu. TDU Platinum pursue the objective to be more than a collection of many different mods in a pack, the objective is to deliver a whole new experience, a who

Guys, progress is happening, at slow pace, since i have even less free time, but TDU Platinum v2.0 (a.k.a former update 1.13 that grew enough to be called v2.0) is happening. 

Update 1.13 is still going, guys. It will feel like a DLC. 

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Cool, some news about it :tup:

Thought lately you could have skipped the project ;)

Nah, if for some reason i stop the project, i will release as it is. I have less time to work on it now, but i haven't given up on it.


So, worse case scenario, it gets released unfinished.


Nice work Milli!

What a weather mod you use? Looks not bad :D

My own. Lol. I made it myself.

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Today i've learned something cool.


This delivery mission was a Miura before, but i've managed to tell the game to use the 918 instead.


So, expect changes on that part aswell in TDU Platinum, i will make sure that new added vehicles are required to be bought or delivered to get 100% of the game completion.


Ah, forgot to mention, i've also made TDU reach 100% again. So, even though you don't complete the multiplayer challenges, you can still get 100%, instead of 88%, like before. ;)



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Lol, not really. Still an old game, still being TDU.


OMG this project will enlight years of modding XP over TDU, great that magic finally happens :cool:

I truly hope so! Doing my best to make this project feels polished as possible, and all of this wouldn't be possible without your work, your tools. All i do is use them and have a lot of patience to mod TDU. :lol:

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I'm late, but I'm super happy to hear that you managed to make the missions utilize the modded cars. I've been thinking some time ago about how playing with the custom cars actually puts the player at a disadvantage, since the vehicle restrictions only take the vanilla vehicles into account. Hopefully, your discovery should make it possible to rectify that mistake.

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Hello, there. Long time lurker here. Are there any chance you will add more bikes to the game along with the new cars? I understand that this is more of a car-centric game but me and i guess, a few others would love to have more variety when it comes to the bikes selection but if it's too much work or not your priorities then i totally get it.

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Great to see the progress and new cars. :D If only something could be done about the AI we would have a near perfect game. They are braindead, crashing into traffic and not being able to take corners properly, very easy to defeat. It's a great cruising game though and with so many cars It's just brilliant.

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