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No matter where Forza Horizon 4 is set, it needs to have a larger environment right?


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[HEADLINE]Forza Horizon 4, what more does it need?[/HEADLINE]

We are in a Forza Horizon release year and rumours are pointing to us moving to the land of the rising sun for Forza Horizon 4. Part of this thinking is not only because of the recent rumours (and fake images) that have made their way out, but also that FH was set in North America, FH2 in Europe, FH3 in Australia, and now Asia would be the prime candidate to get the next one. The logic checks out on that one.


The phenomenal success (despite its problems) of FH3 has raised a new bar in the open world racing game and FH4 will look to capitalise on that and a new environment is always a good way to start, however there is an aspect players and fans constantly ask for and that is for a much larger environment.


After all, no matter how detailed a location is, if it feels quite constrained (in the sense where you're travelling near 200mph often) then it can get pretty old fast. Always running the same roads or routes and seeing the same things can get, well, boring. And so there needs to be variety, plenty to do but also a big enough space to do it that doesn't feel like you've 'been there, done that' a 1000 times already.


I have no doubt that FH4 will be an amazing game no matter what size of map it has, however this is an area where the series is often seen where it could do much better in. And I don't forget there are many of you out there who would disagrees. (preparing to be proven wrong though :lol:)


Apart from this, is there anything else you think FH4 could do with... or perhaps without? :hmmm:

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Little details is what the game is missing, turn signals and functional roof for example would allow another depth of immersion the horizon game could do with, it's not like these things are hard to do, tdu 2 did both and gt sport has working turn signals which look great.


I'd love an Asia located map with something like Fujimi kaido to go to at say the top of the map, that would be amazing for some exploring and drifting.

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I agree with you both so far, a bigger map is really welcome, as you can lap the map under 20 minutes. And about those small details that Hassan mentioned, well, i love small details, they really can help the effect to find yourself glazzing over the cars.


But, i'd also like to see more avatar customization, such as hairstyles and clothes, also if possible, a more in-depth change, like TDU had, cheekbones, eye colors, etc. And to push a bit more the boundaries, maybe houses and garages? :lol:

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I'm not too fussed about the avatar, having a house and a garage where you can drive into like tdu2 would be great.


So basically what we want is an Asia based tdu2 with all the forza qualities :lol:

I tried to steer away from mentioning anything about TDU/2, but with a game like this, it's really quite impossible. I managed, but I did so only by leaving it to you guys instead to bring it up. :p


The first was definitely way ahead of its time.

the physics and wheel support were bearable in fh3 and we already have too many cars so all I want is just a map that you can't loop around in 5 mins. I don't even care where its set
*looks at topic title* He agrees! :lol:
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Agreed with all of the above: FH3 is clearly based upon the motorsport series, aka racing is prioritized above cruising. While if you were to add like Hassan said, roofs, turn signals, GPS systems, it would fix a lot. Also a houses and car dealer system, yes please.


For the rest, I don't know. I think FH3 comes close to being the best open world game, the emphasis just needs to be more on cruising than racing. I still like the game big time.

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