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Looking for help with a few different things.

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Hi guys im just looking around for some information now theres 2 different things id like to find out and both things will be written up below.


First off im looking for somebody with knowledge of Coding in the form of C sharp as theres a small group of us looking at creating a private server with mods and other things in the game (will be a crazy modpack that completely changes the game) now we have everything thats needed to make one except some one capable of someone stringing it all together to make it work. so if any one has any help or knows C Sharp id be very greatful.


Secondly theres a few mods on the forum currently that i enjoy, sadly they are just replacing files of another car and taking all the properties of the car you choose to swap out. how/where would i go about looking for custom tools/programs that would create ids for these vehicles so i can create the rest f the missing car so it becomes completely standalone?


again if anyone has any help or advice it would be much appreciated, also theres an active disord server thats focused on tdu2 for fixing the game modding and meeting up and playing together. if you want to join go ahead. as i cannot post links in the discord server type the normal link address in then after gg/ put the code in below and that should work :lol:



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