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DJoyTinnio - Nissan Skyline GTR R34 - soundmod


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The ground basis is done. It doesn't completely sound like in the referencevideo. The blow off valve is different. So is the low ontouring. But, it's not the final, and not the only version that will be there. The referencevideo is there to show how high this car can sound, I think it is at least an 800 hp car. Could be 1000.



Enjoyreleasebutton :





Video :











Referencevideo :



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at least I can do is to give you my support, mate....I am amazed as you,about TDU life,few people,including you is responsible for TDU long life....and finally about this R34 sound,as I can see,nothing changed.....you prefer to drive at night or when is stormy,your tyres are light and bright and your sound mods are still unique!!!


So,I like this one very much! Keep it up with good work...cheers mate :tup:

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:-q . It's early morning in the first vid, and a bit later at rainy day in the second. I think every time has it's benefits.

Sunny weather is also nice. Good you like it, i was not so sure.

For people who want to download it, cancel the exe file, click download again. Should be a normal filedownload then.

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O thanks man, i didn't see your post, due to the forum was unavailable a little while. Today i worked again on it, and after a little polishing, it is really ok now. I changed the appearance of the mid downtouring, and distorted the onup a little bit. I really like it now. Have a try :-q .


Hey, Nice going Dj! Ive been extremely busy, but im glad you were able to release something new. Love all of you!
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El 5/8/2018 a las 12:55, DJoyTinnio dijo:

Oh, gracias, no vi tu publicación, porque el foro no estuvo disponible por un tiempo. Hoy trabajé nuevamente en él, y después de un poco de pulido, ahora está realmente bien. Cambie la apariencia de la desaceleración media y distorsioné un poco la activación. Realmente me gusta ahora. Prueba: -q.



Excelente trabajo, llevaba días buscando uno que resaltara el turbo y fuere buen, gracias


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