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Hi there everyone, we have just made some changes that you may recognise as operating in the same way as to how the old setup worked, whereby the main forums and the Mod Shop had their own activity able to view. We know that a number of you liked being able to do this and so it was one of the first things we wanted to implement. Unfortunately it become apparent this wasn't going to be easy and so the tabbed blocks in these sections were put into effect fairly swiftly once we knew how to create them. (that was fun! :eek:)


Those however, are limited to only 10 posts and so the need to get something like we had before has been a goal of ours, and I am happy to say we have achieved it. It isn't as seamless as we would like but it does allow our visitors to see the activity of the separate sections such as the main forums and each of the TDU and TDU2 Mod Shops. (others can be added as required too)

On the main forum you can see the typical links for: Recent Posts and New Posts. When these are used they will show all activity from the main forums.


With the Mod Shops. You enter those by using the "Mods" navigation tab and then, depending on your devices screen width, you will see links for TDU Mods: Recent Posts, TDU Mods: New Posts, TDU2 Mods: Recent Posts etc either under the main navigation tab or in the canvas menu that can be activated with the Menu option.


Should also mention that the "Mods" navigation tab has had its menu removed as the new links wouldn't place in a way that made sense.


Like I said, it is not as good as we would like. :( For starters, there is no indication of what section activity you are looking at except for the thread titles and the forums they show as being in, and some of the links don't keep the custom search criteria, meaning if you click on any of them you will revert back to the default.


We are working on this and hope to be able to improve its functionality in time.




-- tduck team :duck:

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