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Have you looked for this kind of thing too?  

  1. 1. Have you looked for this kind of thing too?

    • Yes! But I didn't find
    • Yes! And I found at least something
    • No
    • No, but I also prefer TDU 1 visuals

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Hello Guys.


Well, I'm a huge fan of TDU 1, it's one of the best racing games to me. I enjoyed the TDU 2 new features too, but its visual aspect really bothers me, and I really prefer the TDU 1 visuals.


In face of this, I have two small questions:


Question 1

There are some mod that turns the TDU 2 textures, or its visual aspect to the same of TDU 1?


Question 2

I notice that one of the things about the TDU 2 visuals that bothers me is its high contrast, high color saturation and high shadows amount. Things that in TDU 1 was much more softer. There are some way to adjust these things manually?


I really tried to find these things by myself, but I always found mods for "graphic enhancement" or mods which tried to make the game more realistic. But as I said in the question 2, in these mods we still find the points that I said which bothers me. And I'm not looking for enhancements exactly, just a "visual adjustments".



Thanks a lot in advance ;)

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