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    • By sti228
      2019 December Progress Report is here with work-in-progress screenshots of the rebuilt South City ! While road surfaces, barriers, building and various objects have been updated, more roads have been opened up and it will be possible to drive into the multistorey car parks. Two new short videos have been published as well (afternoon racing on Blackwood and night racing in South City). We can't wait ! 😍
      More info:
      Progress report: Graphics Progress Report: South City
      Progress report discussion: December Progress Report: South City
      Side-by-side comparisons by Degats: Comparisons
    • By sti228
      Dear Racers,

      Thank you for your patience as it's been a long time since the July progress report.

      We aren't ready for a full progress report but thought we could say a few words and show you a few things. Eric has been continuing with South City. It's a long job and he has worked more on the roads than the buildings so far. At this point he would rather wait until more buildings are done before showing screen shots.

      I've been working on the sky darkness, automatic exposure and white balance that became necessary with the use of the realtime generated skies. The lighting is now separated into lights that are always on and others that only come on at night. I increased the possible intensity of lighting to allow floodlights to work.

      I worked on a system to allow us to use realistic camera exposure settings to allow comparisons with photographs from digital cameras. In a manual exposure mode I can now set the ISO, f-stop and shutter speed. It is interesting to see the massive variation in the brightness and therefore the exposure required for a night shot and a day shot. For example a shot taken in street lighting may require around 4000 times the exposure compared with a day shot. A more extreme example is the difference between moonlight and sunlight. The sun is 400 thousand times brighter than a full moon, yet our eyes can adapt to see quite well at those extremes.

      I haven't had to make LFS adapt so much but it does have to deal with bright sunlight down to typical street lighting scenes. There is more to be done and the lighting is far from perfect. Anyway I hope you like the attached screenshots and the youtube videos.

      Day to night transition at Blackwood:
      Day to night transition at Kyoto Ring:

    • By sti228
      Hello Racers,

      Our previous progress report was about the Kyoto updates and the new lighting system. Since then, Scawen has done more work on the lighting which may be interesting for some readers. Eric continued with Kyoto for some time. He has now moved onto South City, which isn't yet ready to show but we can show you some more pictures from Kyoto.

      Originally the plan was to minimally update the existing track areas to make them work well with the new lighting and shadows. But some of the tracks were very old and Eric wanted to do extensive updates to bring them up to a more modern standard.

      Read the whole report on the Graphics Progress Report: Lighting research page.

      - LFS Developers
      Progress report: https://www.lfs.net/report-jul2019
      Progress report discussion: https://www.lfs.net/forum/thread/93569
      Comparisons by Degats: https://www.lfs.net/forum/post/1949915#post1949915
    • By sti228
      Dear Racers,

      This is the information page for version 0.6U which contains some important fixes and some new features. This is not the graphics update we have been talking about in recent progress reports. This one is fully compatible with the existing public version.

      We decided to work on version U after learning about some issues with two new VR headsets that could actually cause eye strain, which made an update really important. We also fixed some other known bugs and took the opportunity to add some new features.

      You can try a new setting for the cockpit views. Previously they were always aligned to the car but now you can lock the view to the horizon. Some people can experience motion sickness when driving a car in VR and this option can be a great help for them. With the view locked to the horizon you get a strong feeling of how the car is moving but it can be too much so there is an alternative setting to 'filter' the view. In this case the view still goes with the car's pitch and roll but there is a short time delay while the view catches up to the car. This is quite effective in showing how the car reacts to bumps.

      For those of you who like to race offline, we have increased the number of AI drivers you can add and you can now set their skill levels individually in the race setup screen. The F11 and F12 in-game screens can now be used to adjust their live settings and pit strategy.
      Please read the full list of changes below.
      Four ways to get version 0.6U :
       FULL VERSION (496 MB) - If you are new to LFS or making a fresh installation.

      - Click HERE to visit the download page and get the full version installer.

      Changes from 0.6T to 0.6U :

      New setting "View lock" can be set to car / filter / horizon
      FIX: Offset mirror was not drawn offset in forces draw (F)


      Updated to the latest version of OpenVR (1.2.10)
      Pimax headsets can now be used in native mode (rotated eye views)
      Minimum value for manual FOV setting reduced from 80 to 75 degrees
      FIX: An error in OpenVR caused Samsung Odyssey+ wrong eye levels
      FIX: A loss of accuracy in the automatic FOV calculation


      Server side improvement to speed up recovery when there is lag
      FIX: Timing bug that allowed damage repair to be done in zero time


      You can now set the skill level of individual AI drivers
      Single player race limit increased to 32 drivers (AI + real)
      You can now change AI live settings / pit instructions (F11 / F12)
      Command /aiskill X to set skill level 1 to 5 (for adding new AI)
      Command /aiset name X to set AI driver 'name' to skill level X
      Command /aiset_all X to set all local AI drivers to skill X
      FIX: In overtaking lesson all AI drivers had PRO skill level
      FIX: Non-qualifying race restart affected the overtaking lessons
      FIX: Spam "This car does not have a handbrake" when hit parked AI


      Increased resolution of dashboard texture
      Faster saving of screenshots when you press CTRL+S
      Driver name and AI skill level are now shown in F11 / F12 windows
      Entry screen shows "Unlock Live for Speed" instead of "Demo racer"
      New key CTRL+P to copy the LFS window to clipboard excluding border
      FIX: Some narrow unicode characters corrupted by an incorrect width
      FIX: Host options could state "no bans" before clicking "edit bans"
      FIX: Character dialog could be messed up when selecting languages


      Gearshift debounce code changed to help with the button release
      SHIFT+F2/F3 can adjust time in single player mode (not hotlapping)
      FIX: Attributes no longer copied when opening file by command line
      FIX: Crash at startup when loading a corrupted car model file
      Most translations updated. Thank you translators!
      - LFS Developers
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