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"TDU Iceman said:
Looks promising, nice work.


But if someone finally makes something that can load a TDU or Horizon sized map, have multiplayer, along with car mods that have good physics, and make it not a nightmare for modders to add content, then to me that's pretty much a guaranteed success in the making.. even if its a small indie project.

Hi TDU Iceman,

100% Agree with you, but for the part that you asked for map modding, I have to say it is not possible at the moment and it is not planned for the project. That is because Unity's current terrain system for big cities is like a raw fish, you have to "bake" it before using it - sorry if you're a vegetarian didn't have a better example at the moment. The process of baking a terrain is only possible in the game engine itself. I'm interested how EuroTruck Sim handles the modded cities, I have never heard of adding a full working city to a game - except GTA, which in that case it is not a simple task.


TDUZoqqer said:
Looks promising so far. I only gonna judge the physics model as it was your main target.


First of all, I got the feel the suspension is too soft. According to what is visible from the outside view and bonnet view. Feels a bit too GTA4ish to me personally. I'm pretty sure the suspension of a 4 series is way firmer than the one on a Corvette C3 🙂


Second, which is bothering me even more, for some reason the whole driving feels really slow. Looking at the speedo you going 130 at 6k rpm feels like you are in first gear driving 30. Had the same feel with TDU. I don't know why.


There are some graphics aspecs I would concider fixing, but it's not the time to point that out as it's an Alpha 🙂


E: 250 km/h in this Peugeot? 😄 This must have been a twin turbo mega sleeper

Hey Zoqqer 😄

Thanks for the feedback, I definitely take notes from it. However, There are important notes that I would like to tell:

  • The Nurburgring scene is completely different and is not part of the game, literally everything except the physics. Therefore please don't review the graphics. The graphics of the project was shown in the video before this one.
  • The cars were not 100% using the real-life values, the Peugeot car uses unrealistic values so that the video could look cool. I had the car - with its older Citroen-Peugeot engine - in real life, you can't go above 100 km/h with it...!

Now I comment on each of the points that you've mentioned.

  1. I will update the physics but it is how it is, I try to upgrade the entire physics system to a much better and real vehicle simulation engine soon.
  2. That might be because of:
    1) the FOV (it is not wide angle when speeding),
    2) lack of motion blur (except one scene in the video, I forgot to add it to the other scenes!!),
    3) lack of camera and wheel shake at full rpm and also 4) lack of spicy fake noises.
    Other than that, the speed is simulated and it shows what the actual velocity is. I won't add fake camera vibrations as it is going to be VR at some point.
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ATG's temporary physics debug mode... hopefully will be upgraded to something better soon!!


(Neither the Lambo nor the track is made by me, None of them will be included in the video game)

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It's hard to comment on the physics with the go-pro mode, you really need to see the car moving around and how the suspension is moving and reacting to the environment. It would also help to get you a wheel to test with! lol

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It's hard to comment on the physics with the go-pro mode, you really need to see the car moving around and how the suspension is moving and reacting to the environment. It would also help to get you a wheel to test with! lol

Thanks for commenting, Next video will have the 3rd person view just for this case. The video you talked about is mainly for the "GoPro mode".

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I think it would make sense to use a crowd-funding website so that the liability can be taken out of all our hands and the risk minimized due to the protections offered by such websites. I think people would be a lot more comfortable using the likes of Patreon than just sending money to a PayPal account that someone here owns.

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[...] use a crowd-funding website [...] I think people would be a lot more comfortable using the likes of Patreon [...]

That is a good idea! The problem is, I can't access Patreon at the moment. I concluded I have to continue keeping this project as just a hobby.


To wrap it up:

  • There are no donation pages or related services for this project.
  • I won't treat the project as a serious project. There are no plans for releasing a beta version, currently.

Kind regards.

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//New video!
  • What's New
    • You can see its current (temporary) physics engine in 3rd person view and it is with a wheel input
    • The GoPro mode now directly supported, This mode is added for better feeling the speed

Don't forget to check my previous post to see how easy modding the game is. I would be glad if you share your comment & support this project.
just curious, how did you get the voice
Thanks for your comment, at least someone commented something :D Anyway, I use this TTS service. Guess this is the best and most natural one.
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Here is the full map of ATG: Kish!!

This map has not been finished, yet.



DJayAftermath said:
Will the dash on every car works? speedometer, odometer, g-meter and all that.


Yes, they all do, as long as the modders add them to the project. (G-Meter is like TDU1 and always is available)

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Here is a TDuck exclusive screenshot of the island of ATG: Kish. I'll share more in my Twitter later.



Diablo said:
nice steak

Hah!! That's indeed a huge (~92 Km2) steak that uses ~8 GB of RAM, But it takes ~128 MB when a normal player streams its chunks in their laptop during playing the project. 🙂

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are you actually modeling out the roads or are you placing them down as splines in the engine? i still have no clue how to make environments the most effective

I did both modeling the roads and using the tools of the game engine. If you need help, ask and I'd be glad to talk about the technical stuff! :)

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Check out the project schedule of this indie passion project here.

Visiting the link above, you can explore and figure out the "ToDo list" of this video game project!



The project's Instagram account here: https://www.instagram.com/ATG_simulator .

The project's Twitter account here: https://twitter.com/ATG_simulator .

A Facebook page is set up but it has not been published, yet. Its URL is https://fb.me/ATGsimulator .


For your information, I've planned to organize the social media pages but not soon.


Reminder: This Turboduck thread is the official modders thread and it will remain the official modders thread of the project forever.


Notice: The project will take a temporary break sometime soon as I have to do some work in real life, follow me and the project's social media for further information.

Edited by DΛN
The ToDo List has been added to the post.

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The time you used to create these useless social medias should have been used to dev the game. Sad.


And the time you used to write that post could have been used to go wash some dishes or do something productive.


No need dude.

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The time you used to create these useless social medias should have been used to dev the game. Sad.

Actually, thank you for your concern about the project. I appreciate the motivation of your reply. And I can't wait to share a beta version ASAP, too! :)

However, you have to understand that if I make the game and nobody knew about it, then nobody could play it. Therefore, I have to make those accounts right now for the future of the project. This way, more people will be aware of the project in the future. I hope you learned why I set up those currently useless accounts.


Don't worry about it, I continue devising the project until February 2019. After that, I have to move to somewhere else and work fulltime, which may cause to temporarily stop the development process of the video game for a quite of time.


Wow this must have been the most useless human being produced thing I've seen the whole month. Congrats for that

Hah :D




Guys! Thank you for all your support. :)

Stay tuned for a bunch of updates until Feb 2019! :)

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Just a small note: I was watching this DDE video and this 110% shows one of the motivations behind the devising my ATG project.

As you can see in the video below, they did a magnificent job on creating an exalted vehicle, that means, they envisioned a GT 3 version of the older 993 Porsche. Yet not everyone is an automotive engineer to create their dream vehicle, a vehicle that does not exist but if it existed, it could be a masterpiece - just like the car in the video below - and I would happy to see everyone could do this.


Of course, you have to be familiar with 3D modeling and you have to know some basic car terms like engine torque and the related expressions for designing a vehicle and consequently, simulating it in the ATG project.

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Are you using world streaming ? I heard unity handle well this

Unity can't handle big scenes by itself. if you put a super huge scene in Unity, it'll eat RAM and it won't calculate mathematics well. I believe every other game engine behaves the same.

To solve this issue, I use a custom streamer addon for Unity to load/unload objects - just like the GTA V's streamer system.

Not only that, I am going to upgrade the streamer from CPU-based to GPU-Based, which greatly improves the streaming speed as nowadays normal CPUs have 4 to 10 cores while GPUs have 700 to 4000 cores! :)

Edited by Guest

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Do you see this small step that is shown in the red rectangle in the ToDo list below? It took me more than a month to be done! - well, still it is not really 100% done.


in case you don't know what's the point of this modding feature, then I suggest you watch the video below:

After 2 weeks of continues working, +10 licenses and thousands of lines of codes. You now can add your Blender or 3DS Max models (or literally any new FBX file formats) directly to this software as car mods.


I have plans for TDU-Style house real estate features and I think it would be cool to add house mods to this software when possible. what do you think? 🙂

Read my previous post to know more about that ToDo list.

Edited by DΛN

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On 2/27/2019 at 12:52 AM, kmix-rider said:

yes houses ❤️ and start coding clubs ! 

There is no plan for the multiplayer, at least for now. Thus, there are no plans for online clubs. I will add the house modding and single player clubs to the wishlist.

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  • Current Donation Goals

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    • By Audrey8
      Keep in mind it is the original R8 sound from the TDU2 team, but with a Realistic Start-up added.
      If a R8 sound mod owner wishes to combine the start-up with his/her sound send me a PM :)
      Preview video:

      You can download this mod here
    • By keeeekS
      real 135 physik with 7 gears 6 gears version is on still working
    • By Ryzza5
      2012 was an interesting year.  Some wondered if it would be the last year, and of course a movie had to develop that plotline further.  Perhaps worse than that, the official online servers for Test Drive Unlimited 1 were shut down, which made us all feel very sad.

       Not long later we had the release of the first open world Forza title for XBOX 360 which took us to a version of Colorado which strangely lacked Pikes Peak. It was a good game, and the start of a good series to fill in the void left by TDU, but it just wasn't the same. At least it still provided a few laughs.

      But that wasn't all.  In March of 2012 we were treated to a new flight 'simulator' from Microsoft, which conveniently for us, featured Hawaii of all places.  It was a freemium game with DLC planes, locations and challenges.  A number of us do like to fly on PC on occasion.

      If you don't count the re-release of a 64-bit version of Flight Simulator X Acceleration on Steam in 2014, then the 2012 release of Microsoft Flight was our last flying update from Microsoft in 7 years.  So imagine our delight when Microsoft surprises us with a gorgeous trailer showing us a new version of the simulator due to land (pun intended) sometime in 2020.
      Take a look for yourself here:
      The trailer doesn't tell us a great deal of details about the upcoming sim, but the amazing detail of the world (without having to purchase and install a hundred add-ons) in stunning 4K definitely has our attention here at TurboDuck.  We'll be sure to make a beeline for O'ahu as soon as we can.
      Here's what we can deduce from the trailer and it's description:
      * Available on Xbox and Windows PC (so it should attract casual fliers)
      * Powered by satellite data and MS Azure AI Cloud computing
      * Amazing volumetric clouds which cast realistic shadows on the ground
      * SNOW
      * Bodies of water are not a singular colour, and cities have High Def textures out of the box
      * FOG
      * Delicious reflections on aircraft and detailed airport vehicle and building textures with shadows
      * A variety of light and stunt aircraft as well as jumbo jets, including the cover-plane from Microsoft Flight from Icon
      * Beautiful sunsets accompany expected time-of-day and weather settings
      * High-detailed 3D cockpits with the ability to turn your head, bank your aircraft and admire the view below
      * Many real-world scenic attractions to visit including what appears to be New York, Dubai, Alcatraz, Egypt, San Francisco, along with coral reefs, mountains, canyons, craters, stadiums, and more
      * Lighting and rain effects
      * Hundreds of vehicles on the roads and in the carparks below
      * Wildlife including flamingos, elephants, and giraffes
      * Multiplayer
      * Challenging Alpine landing strips

      Want to come fly with me? Let's fly, let's fly away to the Comments section below to discuss one of Microsoft's oldest slogan questions: 


    • By Ztryka531
      Hello again, this is Ztryka and I present to you my next mod for Test Drive Unlimited:
      The Immersive Radio Stations & Driving Games Soundtrack (DGST) Music Mod Pack introduces new radio stations based on real life O’ahu, Hawaii stations, including station IDs, call signs and station names, that plays along with songs based on other driving and racing games aside from TDU (excludes one station which more than half of the songs are based on real life top hit songs list of the decades). The idea of the mod is to bring the real life radio stations to Test Drive Unlimited gameplay and create an immersion of reality while driving around the island of O’ahu.
      Guide to Install the Music Mod for TDU:
      1. Extract the files from the Zip file.
      2. Open Test Drive Unlimited, then copy the folder "Euro".
      3. Paste the folder to C : > (Your folder location of) Test Drive Unlimited (For example, in my case C : > Games > Test Drive Unlimited)
      4. Press Yes if asked to replace the files. (BACKUP YOUR FILES BEFORE DOING THIS!!!)
      5. Look into "For User Radio:" instructions below.
      For User Radio:
      6. Go to Test Drive Unlimited > Euro > Radio.
      7. Cut the folders "User Radio 1" to "User Radio 4".
      8. Paste the folders to Documents > Test Drive Unlimited > savegame > "Your Profile Name" (in my case, ZtrykaTDU, for example) > Radio (create the folder of the same name if there is none)
      9. Play TDU, Continue Game, Exit House and Enjoy!

      For more information regarding the music files, check the other files that included in the Zip File:
      * Description doc
      * Description pdf
      * New Stations List txt
      * In-Game Tracklist txt
      --- Ztryka ---
      Mediafire Mirror Download Link Available:
      Stock TDU Music Files:
      Vanilla: http://www.mediafire.com/file/6cvcie59cf97fyx/TDU_Vanilla_Music_Files.rar/file
      Platinum: http://www.mediafire.com/file/9w140fujphzfi6b/Platinum_Original_Music_Files.rar/file
    • By Luxe
      The reason I'm wondering about this is that it seams there is already a make shift clutch system in the game. If your stopped, put the car into gear without the proper revs, it hesitates and struggles to take off. This shows the developers were already thinking of this. Also, when changing gears in cars that are truly manual transmissions (cars that don't have semi-auto paddles) I've noticed that letting off the throttle during the change, then reapplying it exactly when the shift is complete makes much smoother shifts. This shows up in some cars more then others. Try this with the RUF RTurbo. If you leave the throttle down during the change, the revs often blip and the car acts kinda strange. If you do the shift as you would in an actual car, the change is much smoother. Once again, I don't take this as a coincidence.
      I love Test Drive because it's a DRIVING SIMULATOR to me, and I think it needs to move towards being as realistic as possible. Racing is one thing, but driving around the island carelessly is what I really enjoy!
      There needs to be a clutch option in my opinion. I don't expect a separate clutch button, but improving and increasing the realism I mentioned about would be fantastic.
      -If you don't got the revs to get the car moving, stall the car.
      -Make a manual tran car shift in a way that requires proper throttle application
      -Downshifting could be improved by not automatically blipping the throttle on downshifts. More driver input on downshifts would be awesome.
      People that play Driving/Racing games are passionate about cars. Especially the people who play TDU. If you noticed what I was speaking about in the beginning or you like the ideas, I'd love to hear your feed back.
      -Thanks :twisted:clu
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