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Download a demo version!!
    Today I'm going to show you a demo of a physics engine, I'll be using this Physics engine for this software. This is not a part of the ATG: Kish simulator indie software yet. However, you can play with the physics engine as a beta demo.


About the demo
    This demo only demonstrates the future vehicle physics of ATG: Kish simulator software, the graphics and all the other game-play features are obviously NOT in this demo.
    The physics engine is currently based on nVidia's PhysX 3.4. It is made by Edy Garcia for Unity3D. Check its website for more info.
    You'll need:

  1.         A Logitech G27, G29 or TrustMaster TX500RS wheel (recommended), or a gamepad (not recommended), or a keyboard (not recommended).
  2.         A Modern Windows operating system. However, if you go to Edy's website there are Mac-compatible demos available there.
  3.         A Decent computer

Download Links
Visit the above website link to know more about the demos!

Additional Info
I currently am using another physics engine for this software, it is also made by Edy but we heavily modified it to be as realistic as possible, that engine differs from this one. However, he is going to share a free version of this, And I am going to replace the current physics engine with this newer one.

Very Important Notice!!
This project is still paused, more info is here.

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I wonder that do you release this game before Kylotonn release TDU 3 ? I know it's hard to describe, but assuming that they release it in 2020/2021 , then there is chance that you finish ATG: Kish before them ?

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On 5/12/2019 at 12:40 AM, Zxc00cxZ said:

I wonder that do you release this game before Kylotonn release TDU 3 ? I know it's hard to describe, but assuming that they release it in 2020/2021 , then there is chance that you finish ATG: Kish before them ?

I would love to finish this passion project. But unfortunately, it is not possible. Currently, there are issues in my personal life and I have to deal with them first!, hence I paused this project. Moreover, I don't have enough money to hire even one person to work on this project seriously.

As I said in the very 1st post about the project here, don't expect anything special from this passion project as it is just a hobby for me, although I planned to share it for free once I complete it.

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Watch a new short video clip of the new 4WS system in ATG.

Today I had a little bit of free time - which super rarely happens!! - and added a 4WS (rear wheel steering) system to it. Just watch it in action here, looks great and I think this is a very first of its kind. GranTurismo, AC, Forza, TDU or NFS haven't had this feature in their game, yet - the only game I know that has the feature is GTA SanAndreas which is very arcade-ish. Not that my one-man made, indie, low budget passion-project can compete with those AAA games, but it is cool to be first in the game lol.



Here you can see how effective the 4WS system is, you can compare a 4WS equipped Lamborghini Aventador lp770 SVJ to the normal steering system of LP750 in ATG: Kish. This is interesting IMO.


For technical reasons when tried to upload the above GIF to Instagram, it was not successful. So I made a new video for it and shared it both in its Instagram and its Twitter. Then I decided to share it here, too.

Reminder: the development of this project still is paused. 🙂

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Well... guys I have an... lets say... interesting news!
As you know, Need For Speed Heat Studio is an app that is just  showcased and apparently it is official. With this app, you customize your ride on the go with your smartphone. The thing is, IT IS EXACTLY WHAT'VE I PLANNED for this project 2 years ago. However, My plan was to make an app that lets you customize your car, then syncs it with the actual software and you could see it in VR and export it as a 3D printable FBX file. In other words, You not only could customize your car with the software, but you could do so with your smartphone and then make the customized car a real-word object or project it into real world as a VR object. It is very interesting that this very individual idea actually and partially is happening by someone else, that's just amazing to me!Anyways, heading back to design the garage UI!! Please check the TurboDuck's discord to express your opinion on the UI design.


And as you know NFS Heat Studio previewed its AR feature. A while back I have designed an app as a test that does exactly like that. in fact - as I previously said -  I had planned a companion app for ATG Kish. Here is the ATG's test AR mobile app in action. You can see my old android phone that shows a virtual car object on it. This was designed back in 2016 or so.


FYI, The final UI of the HQ/Garage scene is now uploaded in the Discord channel. Have a look at it there if you like.

  Reveal hidden contents



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So before showing you guys the blog post and the video, lets wrap up what has happened to ATG.

We discussed in TurbpDuck's Discord Server that how big the map of ATG Kish is, and I asked if 3D modelers can help building some 3D models for the map. I told the community that there is a Club in TurboDuck with a set of Youtube videos for 3D modelling for this project but we need enough people to kick start the Club. Moreover, I fixed a lot of bugs of this software. And designed the concept UIs, too.

Although some of you guys offered to voluntarily make the 3D models of the buildings, but the amount of you guys were not enough to open the Club in Turboduck so I decided to finish up the updates of this software alone. Therefore, there will be no 3D Max/Blender video tutorials for uploading.

With these cleared up, lets check out the new contents in the next post.
**Please note that I no longer have free time for this passion project, once again the project is stopped for unknown amount of time.**

Edited by DΛN

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In this blog post I'll wrap up what has happened recently to this project, and share some important stuff! [Part 1 of 2]

So normally in summer people have some free time to do their passion projects, so did I. I started with the UI designs. as it was planned in its ToDo list in "Trello" first.

New User Interface system

To start with the UI, I tried asking people what a good and a bad UI would look like in the official Discord of Around The Ground: Kish -  which by the way, I suggest you to join it!

The bad UI the good UI

I quickly realized that people don't like the complex menus but a minimalist, modern tiled-looking designs. As an example Forza Horizon 2 and GranTurismo 6 look simple and modern, while Gran Turismo 5 has a very complex UI system which forces you to spend a lot of time to do one operation. For example, If You want to choose a car for a race, after hitting several buttons GT5 lets you know that the car is not available for the race. And instead of  showing a list of cars to you, you have to go back and see several UI panels and finally choose a car! There are several articles related to this GT5 issue, I recommend you to read them. On the other hand, GT6 fixed all the issues and I noticed a lot of people admired the design.

The process

So, based on the response I got from the Discord users, I designed a concept UI on a paper - image below. Sorry for the super low quality image as I didn't have a better camera than my Laptop's webcam at the time!


And after working for days, I turned the idea into a real concept UI. Mind you, the below images are not in-game scenes!


You can see the main UI menu above, a tile-based deisng with blurred transparent background. You select a button and it would have a pinkish-red border with white text.


You select a tile, the image of the buttons would be more vivid and looks sharper

Sample pop-up UI



In the image above, you'll see: The mirrors which are only visible when you push a button, The speedo and the rest of the dashboard which you can hide/show, HUD elements and the command center UI at the middle and right position of the picture. With command center UI, you can quickly control the wipers blinkers and the common features of your vehicle in the simulator software.

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In this blog post I'll wrap up what has happened recently to this project, and share some important stuff! [Part 2 of 2]

The new garage scene UIs

After a month of working on UI system, I've designed the new UI system based on the concept UIs. In the two images below, you can see how different the UI of preAlpha and the newer Beta version of ATG Kish look like! Still, the UI system is in the development stage and you can see how much is left for the UI system in the official ToDo list here and here.




The Pause Menu

In addition to all of these updates, I also worked on the basics of the Pause Menu of the project based on the concept designs. The two images below show the actual current in-game menus. These UIs are still not fully done and you can track them with the Official ATG Kish ToDo list.



What's next? An important message!

As I no longer have free time to continue this project due to the education and some personal life issues, the development of this passion project is now stopped. It is not permanent tho! if you care about this project - well thank you for that, I appreciate it - then stay tuned. As this project is literally like a car project, you may finish it or may not. Follow this to see what's next for this free indie passion-project!

Read more and download some game designing assets in the link below!


Watch the last update in action in the video below!!


Kind regards.

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Hey, Duckies.
There have been several updates on the ATG project. Basically, there are 3 versions:

  1. ATG Kish - Includes the 1:1 real map of Kish Island with all the features of ATG
  2. ATG Nürburgring - Includes the real map of the Nordschleife, This project is stopped and will never publicly be released
  3. ATG Pardis - This is a tech demo, its image is shown below.



ATG Kish is the main project, ATG Pardis is a smaller project with minimal features. Basically ATG Pardis is a Tech Demo.

But unfortunately, My laptop has given up on working GPU-heavy workloads. It even has a problem opening websites like Youtube! - image below.

Laptop Issue


So although the ATG is not canceled, I had to stop the development until I buy another better Laptop so that I could work with it in my free time.

Since I can't afford to buy a new better laptop these days, then don't expect I resume working on the project anytime soon!! In fact. don't expect anything from ATG.


Edited by DΛN

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    • By Audrey8
      Keep in mind it is the original R8 sound from the TDU2 team, but with a Realistic Start-up added.
      If a R8 sound mod owner wishes to combine the start-up with his/her sound send me a PM :)
      Preview video:

      You can download this mod here
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      real 135 physik with 7 gears 6 gears version is on still working
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      2012 was an interesting year.  Some wondered if it would be the last year, and of course a movie had to develop that plotline further.  Perhaps worse than that, the official online servers for Test Drive Unlimited 1 were shut down, which made us all feel very sad.

       Not long later we had the release of the first open world Forza title for XBOX 360 which took us to a version of Colorado which strangely lacked Pikes Peak. It was a good game, and the start of a good series to fill in the void left by TDU, but it just wasn't the same. At least it still provided a few laughs.

      But that wasn't all.  In March of 2012 we were treated to a new flight 'simulator' from Microsoft, which conveniently for us, featured Hawaii of all places.  It was a freemium game with DLC planes, locations and challenges.  A number of us do like to fly on PC on occasion.

      If you don't count the re-release of a 64-bit version of Flight Simulator X Acceleration on Steam in 2014, then the 2012 release of Microsoft Flight was our last flying update from Microsoft in 7 years.  So imagine our delight when Microsoft surprises us with a gorgeous trailer showing us a new version of the simulator due to land (pun intended) sometime in 2020.
      Take a look for yourself here:
      The trailer doesn't tell us a great deal of details about the upcoming sim, but the amazing detail of the world (without having to purchase and install a hundred add-ons) in stunning 4K definitely has our attention here at TurboDuck.  We'll be sure to make a beeline for O'ahu as soon as we can.
      Here's what we can deduce from the trailer and it's description:
      * Available on Xbox and Windows PC (so it should attract casual fliers)
      * Powered by satellite data and MS Azure AI Cloud computing
      * Amazing volumetric clouds which cast realistic shadows on the ground
      * SNOW
      * Bodies of water are not a singular colour, and cities have High Def textures out of the box
      * FOG
      * Delicious reflections on aircraft and detailed airport vehicle and building textures with shadows
      * A variety of light and stunt aircraft as well as jumbo jets, including the cover-plane from Microsoft Flight from Icon
      * Beautiful sunsets accompany expected time-of-day and weather settings
      * High-detailed 3D cockpits with the ability to turn your head, bank your aircraft and admire the view below
      * Many real-world scenic attractions to visit including what appears to be New York, Dubai, Alcatraz, Egypt, San Francisco, along with coral reefs, mountains, canyons, craters, stadiums, and more
      * Lighting and rain effects
      * Hundreds of vehicles on the roads and in the carparks below
      * Wildlife including flamingos, elephants, and giraffes
      * Multiplayer
      * Challenging Alpine landing strips

      Want to come fly with me? Let's fly, let's fly away to the Comments section below to discuss one of Microsoft's oldest slogan questions: 


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      Hello again, this is Ztryka and I present to you my next mod for Test Drive Unlimited:
      The Immersive Radio Stations & Driving Games Soundtrack (DGST) Music Mod Pack introduces new radio stations based on real life O’ahu, Hawaii stations, including station IDs, call signs and station names, that plays along with songs based on other driving and racing games aside from TDU (excludes one station which more than half of the songs are based on real life top hit songs list of the decades). The idea of the mod is to bring the real life radio stations to Test Drive Unlimited gameplay and create an immersion of reality while driving around the island of O’ahu.
      Guide to Install the Music Mod for TDU:
      1. Extract the files from the Zip file.
      2. Open Test Drive Unlimited, then copy the folder "Euro".
      3. Paste the folder to C : > (Your folder location of) Test Drive Unlimited (For example, in my case C : > Games > Test Drive Unlimited)
      4. Press Yes if asked to replace the files. (BACKUP YOUR FILES BEFORE DOING THIS!!!)
      5. Look into "For User Radio:" instructions below.
      For User Radio:
      6. Go to Test Drive Unlimited > Euro > Radio.
      7. Cut the folders "User Radio 1" to "User Radio 4".
      8. Paste the folders to Documents > Test Drive Unlimited > savegame > "Your Profile Name" (in my case, ZtrykaTDU, for example) > Radio (create the folder of the same name if there is none)
      9. Play TDU, Continue Game, Exit House and Enjoy!

      For more information regarding the music files, check the other files that included in the Zip File:
      * Description doc
      * Description pdf
      * New Stations List txt
      * In-Game Tracklist txt
      --- Ztryka ---
      Mediafire Mirror Download Link Available:
      Stock TDU Music Files:
      Vanilla: http://www.mediafire.com/file/6cvcie59cf97fyx/TDU_Vanilla_Music_Files.rar/file
      Platinum: http://www.mediafire.com/file/9w140fujphzfi6b/Platinum_Original_Music_Files.rar/file
    • By Luxe
      The reason I'm wondering about this is that it seams there is already a make shift clutch system in the game. If your stopped, put the car into gear without the proper revs, it hesitates and struggles to take off. This shows the developers were already thinking of this. Also, when changing gears in cars that are truly manual transmissions (cars that don't have semi-auto paddles) I've noticed that letting off the throttle during the change, then reapplying it exactly when the shift is complete makes much smoother shifts. This shows up in some cars more then others. Try this with the RUF RTurbo. If you leave the throttle down during the change, the revs often blip and the car acts kinda strange. If you do the shift as you would in an actual car, the change is much smoother. Once again, I don't take this as a coincidence.
      I love Test Drive because it's a DRIVING SIMULATOR to me, and I think it needs to move towards being as realistic as possible. Racing is one thing, but driving around the island carelessly is what I really enjoy!
      There needs to be a clutch option in my opinion. I don't expect a separate clutch button, but improving and increasing the realism I mentioned about would be fantastic.
      -If you don't got the revs to get the car moving, stall the car.
      -Make a manual tran car shift in a way that requires proper throttle application
      -Downshifting could be improved by not automatically blipping the throttle on downshifts. More driver input on downshifts would be awesome.
      People that play Driving/Racing games are passionate about cars. Especially the people who play TDU. If you noticed what I was speaking about in the beginning or you like the ideas, I'd love to hear your feed back.
      -Thanks :twisted:clu
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