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Sim Racing Setup Guide By Chris Haye

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Due to popular demand, avid sim racer and YouTube video wizard Chris Haye introduces a series of detailed racing setup guide videos to help beginners setting up a car in any of the modern racing sims.


In a series of no less than 13 videos, Chris discusses the various aspects of a car setup and explains in-depth how to bring them all together when building a car setup from scratch. Today we can enjoy the first three episodes covering the Series introduction, Tyre Pressure and Temperature, and the first of a 4-part Suspension guide.


For practical reasons, Chris used the Assetto Corsa racing simulator as the visual tool for the series, but all the mentioned techniques are applicable to most other sim racing titles out there.


CH Sim Racing Setup Guide Parts:

  • Introduction
  • Tyres - Pressure and Temperature
  • Suspension I - Toe, Camber & Castor
  • Suspension II - Anti Roll Bars Coming
  • Suspension III - Springs Coming
  • Suspension IV - Dampers Coming
  • Ride Height Coming 02/11/2018
  • Brake Balance Coming 03/11/2018
  • Gear Ratios & Differential Coming 04/11/2018
  • Aerodynamics Coming 05/11/2018
  • Diagnosing a setup problem Coming 06/11/2018
  • Curing a setup problem Coming 07/11/2018
  • Case Study - Audi R8 LMS Assetto Corsa Coming 08/11/2018

4 parts already available :)







For more information about Chris Haye visit his web page: chrishaye.com


YouTube - Chris Haye

Twitter - Chris Haye


Also if you are wondering who is Chris Haye read this: About Me

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