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Hey guys!


Im trying to export a model into 3dg but when i export all into bnk and put it into the game the game crashes

I tried with just importing/exporting vanilla 3d models without making any changes and, i discovered what causes this was the .2dm that zmodeler created when exporting (the 3dg and 3dd files are fine).

I dont know why the material file makes the game crash.

Is not corrupt, cause i can import it later in zmodeler without problems (and i notice no difference between the new and the original).


Im using zmodeler 2.2.6 992 for importing but i also used both 992 and 993 for exporting

I also tried to swap the tdu2 filters in both versions, no luck so far, and didnt find anything on the internet regarding this issue so i decided to make a new thread about this.


If anyone have any idea about how to properly work with .2dm files that would be appreciated.


Also, is there any good modding tutorial videos? all videos seems to been taken down



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12 hours ago, Minime891 said:

I wouldn't say I'm active but should some thing happen with online I will make a mod. 

What's the issue?

I'm currently trying to get into modding the game to make a mod pack (for TDU World).

I'm working with Zmodeler 2.2.6 and whenever I try to export my project to .3DG, no materials get exported. Once I open the exported .3DG, everything is set back to Default Material. So when I load the car ingame, all I see is a pink/black model. Do you know what causes this issue?

Before exporting, all textures from commoncar.bnk and the textures for the model in question are loaded and show up just fine.

Hope you can help!

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