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This thread is exclusive for reporting problem you find since new design went live


known issue:

  • Categories / Post / Member id are not the same, but fear not, all old links are automatically redirected to new link
    this is because one of the merger site already use new system, you see in database, entries usually have auto incremental ID field
    that mean only one database out of three will keep its id structure, and I can only use the site already using the same table schema
    because otherwise will cause conflict in the redirect, because you can't redirect id 22 to id 329 and redirect 329 to 22
  • Some posts have old raw bbcode showing - not all bbcode are compatible between two system, unfortunately some that has special command associated to them are not compatible with new platform, for instance bbcode name=xxx
  • User follows are not being carried over
  • Old attachments no longer work, this can due to number of reasons:
    -uploader no longer maintain online file, old links get deactivated
    -old system used database as method of storage, as I check attachment on server only consist of images,
    and I know that file storage are migrated successful because all avatars show just fine
    I have done many attempts to recover all attachment files in spun up test servers, unfortunately they don't work



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2 minutes ago, Ryzza5 said:

It seems that if I edit a Calendar entry where the details (post) contains a Quote, I can only edit the contents of the quote but not the surrounding text.

what i do is usually set text or space before and after quote area if I know I am going to edit something around it

it is hard for WYSIWYG to determine whether you want to click outside of quote

if you stuck, you can always switch to source mode and move selection to outside of quote bbcode and switch back

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oh great, I guess they updated that part to direct HTML, we don't allow direct HTML modification because that opens security hole

and it is the sole reason why bbcode exist

that button used to just display you the raw bbcode, i will look into that

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On 2/13/2019 at 6:56 PM, Ryzza5 said:

Check my screenshot above, the B for toggling bold font is the first item there.  No Source button.  🙂

try move your cursor to the end of quote and then tap enter twice

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