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Invisible Driver/Tyres

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Hello sirs. I got a problem with my TDU2. I use TDU2 + UP0.4 + CarPack 1.8.

I decided to add few cars as addons by myself. I have added 8 new cars via VPE and they all work. BUT with 4 of them i have encountered bugs, that doesn't appear if ill use replace method.

VAZ 2101 -Everything works BUT Steering wheel is not moving(no animation) + Driver and Driver seats are missing
AE86 -all works BUT Tyres are missing
Honda Accord TypeR - all works BUT Tyres are HUGE
Volvo 850R - all works BUT Camera is placed behind Drivers Head

I have rechecked all parametrs in VPE - they all meet with cars they should replace (cam-ids)
i already double chked all file names and the folder names they are in
i did double replaced it.

I have no idea how to fix it. Please Help.

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20 hours ago, TDUZoqqer said:

Try to install the cars by replacing (for debug). If the Problems remain its a fault by the mod itself

As i said - cars work with no problems when u use REPLACE method.
Changing ID-IK to same number as CAM-ID in VPE seems to FIX my problem with VAZ invisible driver

But Ae86 tyres are still missing and Honda TypeR tyres are Huge - nothing changed

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