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TDU crashing in start game menu in Windows 10.

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Double Edit: I had to redownload a different version of the mod apparently. Also my Xbox One controller is working well with the game. It just doesn't have any rumble features like with the 360 controller either. Not sure why it has always been broken in the game.


Edit: It seems like it isn't just a controller issue, as it is still crashing when I try to create a new game. I have it elevated to run under admin mode, and in windows XP SP2 compatibility. Is this something to do with securerom protections in windows 10? I remember I used to play it in 10 before one day until one of the 2018 updates for windows 10 was released.

Original Post: Just installed TDU last night, can navigate menus fine when controller isn't connected, but I seriously don't want to play with keyboard, I just can't do driving games like that unless in a FPS game like Battlefield. I just prefer the more fine control that a controller affords.

I searched the forum before making this post and saw nothing related to this, but I did see somebody else on here mention Xbone controller crashing the game in passing. They didn't really elaborate on it much and I don't remember the thread as it isn't showing up in search for me.

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