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Getting TDU to install on Windows 7 so can add TDU Platinum

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Just downloaded TDU Platinum. I went to install the original TDU first like it said and  I can pick the language and then the installer screen comes up and says configuring and then a tdu screen comes up and says installation ended and... "The installer was interuppted before TDU could be completely installed". I had to install ISScript 11 for it to start even that because it said it was missing.

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I still use Windows 7 (and will carry on after jan 2022!)  and had no issue installing (and running) the game from the DVD. You might have some other kind of issue?

EDIT: sorry for the delayed edit! I was wondering about some advice that helped me 'fix' a few games over on the GOG forums. Basically one of the recent (last six months) updates for Windows 7 disabled certain things some older games use when launching/instaling and that can cause issues as bad as games not being playable.

Not 100% sure if this will relate to you specific problem, but if you a Windows 7 user and having issues getting this game (or others) to install and run it could be to do with the things mentioned in these threads here on GOG:



Sorry to the mods if this if frowned upon (links outside the forum here?), but the details are technical enough that i can't do a better job putting the info directly here.

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