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Hello everyone, sorry if I made a late introduction, I just got a small time to do this fortunately:

I am Ztryka, 22 years old, my birthday is 1 week from this date's post, I am a passionate gamer, particularly in Open World Sandbox games, driving and racing games are absolutely my favorite! I am also an online gamer in few games, but not much love as I love games and videos about cars, I have been in Discord servers like NFS, GTA, etc.. If I ever had a dream car, it would be a '65 Lincoln Continental (I had a Hotwheel Diecast of this one, I love the suicide doors).

In real life, I am a part-time businessman in my family business (we are only 2), my job is a payment collector and assistant of my sister. I love music, any kind that is uplifting and upbeating, I enjoyed 70s disco, 80s pop, 90s and 2000s pop, R&B and dance music. I am a passionate car lover too, that's why I love to play car games, usually drives JDMs in-game. Been practicing manual later on in my gaming life.

My first contributions to Turboduck is sharing a save file for TDU as well as an ongoing mod (those who chat with me already know this hehe).

Once again this is Ztryka, feel free to ask me and thank you for allowing me to become a part of an awesome community of TurboDuck.

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1 hour ago, Ryzza5 said:

I have a question!  How do you pronounce Ztryka?  😉


Being Australian I have never come across it before 

Ztryka comes from the word "Striker", my previous pseudoname, only in xtreme kool letterz

like how you pronounce Supa Strikas, only without the s in the end syllable.

Like Str-ay-ka, Ztryka hehe


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